Aluna Ash Energy Update

Soure: Aluna Ash 9D

Streamed live on Feb 11, 2019 

May not resonate.. what I share is based off my own perception, research & guidance. Listen to your internal guidance & knowing always.

We are basically just shifting in our own individual and collective perception..which then creates a new paradigm or pattern

More Plasma wave/cosmic rays from the Sun stargate coming in this week. Some may feel this around Feb 15th-20th. Based off my guidance & galactic/solar cycle patterns Ive been mapping since 2016. When I say “planets” im speaking of a holographic, sattelite and sentient life perspective. All functions around this system we are in here in this galaxy. Magnetic Sun is the Divine Feminine cycle which truly begins end of July 2019 after the 2012/2013 convergence

Disease 3D matrix programs are being cleared from the collective layer of thought.. deep physical and organ healing slowly- which is healing the planet. Disease programs were used as karmic acceleration. I only mentioned the projection and manifestation being an internal thing when it comes to relationships soulmates Twin Flame or Divine counterpart connections because it really stinks to see so many suffering or focusing on the pain of not having that person physically or not communicating with them.. when I just think its the detachment from the 3D transactional experience externally before internal- is lesson being mastered.