Diane Canfield: Solar Storms 2/28/2019

SOURCE: Diane Canfield

Blessings Beloveds,

The high solar wind that started TODAY, only today- has manifested into geomagnetic storms JUST NOW. You may feel INTENSE HUNGER AND OTHER WORLDLY feelings like floating on air. You may have a feeling of intense anger showing up at the smallest thing and a feeling of wanting to be alone. ❤ You may feel on edge.

Since every time we have a storm we can have some of the same effects and then other effects, also changing in intensity, we will see what else this one brings ❤ This is why one size fits all symptoms do not work. We need to live in the moment of NOW when things are actually occurring and then see what happens. ❤

This way we are in the same vibration as the UNIVERSE ❤


Psychic Clairvoyant/ Energy and Wave Expert /Ascension Teacher