QFS is Available Now to all Lightworkers

Quantum Financial System is available NOW , but it requires a competence in instant manifestation. It is also only available to those who have released reliance and attachment to the previous financial system! Right now, there are those who can access it.( A pre-requisite is very rapid manifestation of the resources one needs from unexpected sources. Manifesting from the Quantum Field is linked to QFS )

Recently, more and more people are able to draw money “out of the blue” or other things they need magically show up. (Rick Jewers talked about this in a video also.) Some people have experienced needed funds simply showing up in their bank account, or payments made that never got deducted, or bills recorded as having been paid already.

Recognize any of these as a powerful choice point and an opportunity to CO-CREATE the NEW SYSTEM. ONE MUST HAVE FAITH IN IT! When you experience such an occurrence
Instead of saying” There must be a mistake….I better go check to look and find where the error is..”, I encourage you to say –
“Thank you!! I see and agree that I AM DIVINELY SUPPORTED! I welcome MORE of this!”
ASKING FOR MORE is not greedy! Especially in this case where we are anchoring the new network-asking for more is actually the most generous thing you can do! We need as many people as possible to dive INTO this system whole hog!

It is important to state that the QFS is available to those who are IN SERVICE! There are many Lightworkers who have been working diligently without getting paid, who are struggling to survive during the transition. We are the first to benefit from the new system. Lightworkers are also the first to notice these gifts for what they actually are! This gives the system a certain validation it needs to grow.

At first the amounts gifted are nearly exact to the amount we need. We are not meant at this time to hold excess. Our bank accounts are nearly always empty, ( toward a purpose at this time!) and the amount we are given will be as much as the bill we just got, for example. In time as flow increases, the amounts will get larger. This is like building a rushing river! It starts with a trickle, but it will eventually flood the planet. And not that far off, either! 

Say “YES!” to it and give the NEW SYSTEM YOUR support if you want to experience more of it. Everything starts with US! Our power lies in CO-CREATING this new financial system with our EAGER participation and BELIEF. The system you contribute your energy to will be the one you live in. Far from being foolish, it is far-seeing and also on the forward side of history to EXPECT THE MIRACULOUS!

This is the way it is starting for many of us. So far, it is a bit sporadic in terms of the number of people CURRENTLY accessing the QFS, But we are BUILDING A FRAMEWORK that will lead to a tipping point! ( It works like the 100th monkey principle) It is not a matter of any external source dropping funds ready made like a ton of bricks on-masse that will deliver us (..which still has a bit of old -timey “Savior” flavor. It is lower and requires little mastery from the populace.) The QFS is like building a trellis high in the sky . At first, only few of us are there, but soon, all the vines will climb and it will support us all.It grows at the same rate as our own confidence.

The QFS is also dependent on US working EQUALLY to stretch our own abilities, release the old, and step out on FAITH! Faith is a REAL TOOL- just like imagination. TRUST is one of the tools in the Master’s tool kit. It is something that needs to be cultivated.

It cannot come at us unless we bring it in!

“WALKING ON WATER” is all about having instant manifestation ability. This is what we need to secure and establish the 5D Christ centered Financial system. (Jesus tipped over the tables of the money changers on his way to temple. Remember? The old ways must be overturned! NOT humored. Not tolerated! )

The question is ” How can I move forward unless I am absolutely certain there is something solid to support me?” The answer lies in Trust , and the ability to manifest what you need AS you need it, without going into fear about your safety or the future. This is a Master’s skill. THIS is walking on water.