Release Old Programming

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SOURCE : By Moon child with Ascension Energies


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As we move between the energetic spaces of who we were and who we are becoming the stretching of realities is deeply felt, the pull between dimensional aspects of our infinite being is increasing as we expand our capacity to integrate and hold higher frequencies of light.

Ancestral clearing is of prominence over the next two days, cellular memory is purging itself of the outdated coding held within our ancestral memory.

Doubt, fear, persecution themes and obstructions of the higher heart are being purged, energetic frequencies of misaligned intent are no longer able to sustain their output.

As empathic channels of awakening we are gifted the present moment in which to clear the chains of diminished light, to unbind the bonds of old earthen templates and reclaim the torches of light, held aloft in darkened spaces by the ancestors who carved the path, who seared the strands of awakened consciousness within our bones and wove our magic deeply within the marrow.

We honour these torch bearers, lighthouses of karmic clearance whose very essence formed the cosmic bridge born of constellations within our blood, the life force flowing from the spark of creation, pouring within our cells to form a universe of fire deep within.

Ignite your DNA, clear all trauma templates from within, integrate each aspect residing within the corridors of your heart temple, release each tear with gratitude, dissolve all doubt with wisdom and dispel any fears with love.

A procession of awakeners, catalysts and truth bearers paved the way for your creation, you are here to be of the light and to vibrate higher frequencies of awakening, fear has no place within the temple of your heart.

Step into the light, free the bindings of the past, recreate the energetic spaces within to birth the creation of your highest potentiality, allow the universe to flow through you and embrace love.

Clear and release old programming

Give thanks to your Ancestors

Let go

Vibrate love

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