The Garden is Preparing to Bloom by Stasia Bliss 2/28/2019

Source: Stasia Bliss

Uploaded by: M.Mubbashir Mushtaq, Mar 11, 2017

Holding the high ground of awake-ness means speaking the new into existence…in the face of the old. Not being swayed by patterns of resistance trying to keep the ground that once belonged to it in shades of suffering, fear and playing small.

The New Earth requires clarity, Assertiveness in holding the sacred container and naming its boundaries. The New Earth leaders are forming harmonic resonance WITHIN old, dissonant systems… including within the arms of Relationship, and even especially so. If you find yourself within such a structure, faced with resistance…I implore you…do not yield the high ground for fear, for uncertainty, for resignation ….even if these things “sound” Noble. Certainty in Love trumps uncertainty Every time. But if uncertainty meets uncertainty….it will prevail. Even if love is holding the flag in one hand.

Let’s fly our love flags high. The New Earth is NOW, and HERE, and in THIS Relationship, and in THIS circumstance, in THIS current of consciousness now unfolding. It is not elsewhere, or later, or in another heart. It is within us now as the bursting seed which only needs us to water it with Love.

Remember – Sometimes Love gives space. A seed will not bloom when smothered.

The garden is preparing to bloom virally…we, the first caretakers must have the rows in place, the grafting done properly, the watering system hooked up. WE are laying the foundation for all that comes, with our very life choices, with our perspectives, and with our attention.