Spiritual Alchemy by Tania Gabrielle 3/1/2019

Source: Tania Gabrielle

March 2019 is a very special month! It resonates to the magical number 15.

15 is the symbol of Spiritual Alchemy.

And this year 15 merges with the Universal Year number 12 – such a fabulous combination of positive manifestation, miracles and magic.

All month long you are inspired to uplift others with your positivity, passionate creativity and love!

You are already a natural alchemist – trust in your inner Light to inspire you!

Magic and miracles are yours at ANY time – all day, every day.

Find the silent moments. Actively listen. Stillness can be yours even in a noisy environment. Actively engage with your heart and FEEL the presence of the Divine.

You’ll be amazed how Love and Laughter are always available when YOU feel delightful!

Numbers 15 and 12 reduce to 6 and 3 encouraging you lead your live your life with passionate responsibility, deep compassion for others and lots of laughter, creative self-expression and humor.

You are a natural healer, and this month you’ll delight in your healing gifts!

You’ll definitely want to engage in creative, fun pursuits while also honoring family and loved ones in a deeper way.

Remember that every human being wants to be acknowledged at Soul-level.

You understand this, and you now have an open invitation to uplift others with Light and Love.

Be sure to take care of YOU too! 15 and 6 will enhance guidance, love and service to others – so you need nurture yourself to replenish your inner resources.

March is filled with exciting star code activations – including one of the most important Astro-Numerology days of the year (on March 6) when the New Moon coincides with and exciting planetary shift.

There’s also the beautiful Libra Full Moon later in March – the first of TWO rare Libra Full Moons this year!

More secrets are revealed in the first initial M.

M for March unveils more insights:

March and May are the two months that begin with the letter M, symbol of the Mother principle – birth, stillness and empowerment through love.

M is the only letter you pronounce completely with your mouth closed… so M holds sacred secrets and embodies deep wisdom.

M is the 13th letter of the alphabet symbolizing the Divine Feminine and total transformation which awakens you to the core.

The ultimate goal of number 13 is to EMPOWER – so you’ll know for sure how internally STRONG you are!

Take the stunning March astro-numerology code as an invitation to pour your Heart and Soul into happy outcomes, positive self expression and love.

If you’re ever not sure, ask yourself, “does this bring me inner peace and delight?”

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle