Update by Rick Jewers 2/28/2019

Source: Rick Jewers


Your Ascension has sped up. As a result, You will begin to feel and notice, more density being applied to the Surface, TO THE SOULS NOT AWAKENED YET. You have been recently UPGRADED and PREPARED for this bout of density, that WILL occur for approximately one week. By following the activity of the Sun/Son, You will be able to more accurately gauge when a breather is coming up.

The Global events occurring ARE HUGE ENERGETIC events and density as a by-product of these events, WILL be marginally individually felt by You. It is STRONGLY recommended for You to do very little, but conserve Your energy and ALLOW things to play out. If You were to apply energy towards these events or people, like Love, You would actually be prolonging what must occur to facilitate the Shifts, the Transitions, the Ascension. Your focus, Your energy, is actually MOST beneficial to be directed towards Your advancement and the Higher events pertaining to moving forward. To energize Souly Divine Magical Events, is most efficient and to the greatest benefit of ALL.

More and more of You are being shown Higher Truths of Your Existence, which include, but are not limited to, bi-location, multi-dimensional experiences, more concrete interactions with Other Energetic Life Forms and actual visible doorways and Portals.

Separation from a lower consciousness is occurring and it is all-encompassing. In reality, there is NEVER a separation whereas time does NOT exist, separation is only a Human perspective that does not include the full information of realities and higher consciousness physics. Many of You NOW are ready and in a position, to simply vanish from lower timelines, and You WILL begin to see this happening. Others do NOT see You as You see Yourself, Ones that do NOT Know this, and to some Others, YOU ARE ALREADY, INVISIBLE.

To come Together and hold hands, is to leave behind, what no longer serves.

“My Children are to Love One Another”.

Love and Light