Emotional Release – Natalia Alba, March 7th 2019

Source Natalia Alba

Beloved Light Emissaries,

We are immersed within a very creative, and profound, Piscean-Neptunian passage, where many of us, depending on where we are in our unique path, for we all have our micro cycles, are already feeling, or about to, the deep emotional impact from these Piscean energies. This is a month that is going to offer us the opportunity to emotionally release that which belongs to the old and it is blocking our conscious desire to co-create in the new timeline that we have consciously chosen.

As we approach to the Equinox, especially with the Full Moon in Libra, we will be feeling the harmony it will bring. For the ones who are stabilizers, remain always centered into your heart, especially during this month where we are going to be fully immersed in the task of assisting with the Earth’s Fabrics stabilization, and the unique mission each of us has.

I have encoded this message for all who are guided to read it, and feel beyond the written words, with light language and the sacred sound of my white quartz singing bowl. I was guided to sing and in a way encoded this message with great love and healing vibes, for all who are releasing in this massive way, as I am now. Just to remember that you are never alone and that all that is happening is not negative, bad or wrong, but a wonderful blessing, showing us many things.

I send to you infinite love, light and bright blessings Beloved Companions.

May you, always, remain in the Illumined, and comforting, Essence of your Soul.

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba