Full Disclosure Very Soon! – Stephanie Ark Hogarth March 7 2019

Source: Stephanie Ark Hogarth

MASSIVE DOWNLOADS! My guides are telling me to prepare myself! We are expecting FULL DISCLOSURE OF BOTH SIDES!! VERY VERY SOON!

My guides have told me that I will be placed in a spotlight and finally able to reveal many things that I was prevented from speaking about earlier.( I was also dreading it!)

Do you remember the first ( and only) video I made where I was crying and it cut off after two minutes?That was an example of heavy resistance from dark attack( not merely mine).Also there was strategy and they wanted me to wait.

Apparently, I must come out and be in a more public role at the same rate as the disclosure about the dark side comes out. Im in a circuit with two other people. We will all be revealed together – along with the populations we have led! The evil of the previous system will reveal itself -and AS THAT DOOR CLOSES, THE HIGHER WAY OUT IS SHOWN. That Ascension ladder. My guides have been chattering about it all night!

We are moving up in three waves. There is a strategy to the WAY this is designed to happen.

The first large group will be the Light Warriors, who are relatively small in number ,but very powerful. We go to 5D on masse’ first and anchor that architecture. The second wave is largest and they will provide the tipping point ( think the 100th monkey principle..) that will assist in lifting the third wave who were in the most resistance.

Just as you cannot pull on only one side of a rubber band, the dark side and the light side create one another when in opposition. Each defines the other.

When both sides move toward CENTER, the dark side gets less dense and more is revealed. Union happens in the center- where polarities meet! The light side brings love and light to a place of greater solidity and densification- which will mean the solidification of the QRS).Im not going back into 3D ever! But my guides persist in telling me that I personally need to move in this direction for a purpose. I am taking extremely high frequency energy and bringing it lower into form. Im more comfortable staying in very high frequencies, but I’m personally told I am needed elsewhere at this time.(sigh..)

My guides have also told me to prepare to launch a series of videos, probably on You Tube.. I don’t know how this will work yet- but I have been shown that its will build a large following very fast. I can feel the flood of information building up behind me like a dam ready to burst! It feels inevitable.

Dark forces and also Light forces have been preventing us from FULL disclosure any earlier. It must be carefully managed because of the fear and anger that will arise in the general population as certain things are revealed. Colliding Tsunamis can cause chaos! We need to be able to RE-BALANCE these conflicting emotions with love and optimism as they arise. Lightworkers have this training. Kind of like feeding density into a filter that transmutes fear into peace and RE-STABILIZES everything. You want it to be able to run and not get clogged.We need to keep everything running smoothly!

So – certain information is being delivered together. I encourage you to look for it. If a piece of very heavy news makes the headlines – look for where something equally good has come out to balance it! I guarantee it is there.

We will receive new technology and happy events like free solar power delivered AS certain horrors like pedophilia, corruption, mass poisoning by pharmaceuticals …etc is revealed publicly. AS it comes up for processing in mass consciousness, a little bit at a time, the ratio of dark to light will shift. Density and darkness lifts WHILE the Higher frequencies solidify into more tangible form.

There are huge public disclosures of human trafficking in the government at the same time Elon Musk delivered free new technology to save the planet….BOTH sides always move together! John of God is revealed to also be a rapist who was into human trafficking? Talk about polarity localized! Somewhere each side has a counterpart.Train your mind to hunt for it.

The MIGHTY are falling everywhere! And unacknowledged, unlikely Heroes are emerging from out of nowhere!



The darkest of the Dark players will NOW be seen for what they are, and many who have been in exalted positions, who had a lot of wealth will lose both stature and all their money.They seemed important when we were sleeping because we were conditioned to value all the wrong things.

Likewise- THE STRONGEST LIGHT WARRIORS who have up till now taken some of the most MASSIVE material hits – who have ended up disrespected, homeless, in poor health, with no money, with no family…having lost society’s support, having been marginalized…WE WILL BE REVEALED ALSO! WE WILL RISE! We will be seen for WHO WE REALLY ARE!

This ascent will be RAPID. We will Awaken those who have been sleeping. We will teach those who are newly awakened. They will see they have been surrounded, not just by demons of the Matrix, but by ANGELS! AND WE WERE WITH THEM ALL ALONG!