New Moon In Pisces & Solar Jaguar Moon- Aluna Ash March 6, 2019

Published on Mar 6, 2019
Just a quick video… New Moon in Pisces starting off the 9th moon cycle, where we will have another Supermoon Full moon (in Libra) we have had 3 in a row, usually every 14 moons. We are getting closer to the New Galactic Yr of the Divine Feminine (the heart) awakening within the collective… a process that was anchored 1987, Sun shifted 1991, and began physical time/space integration in 2013 for the next shift in human evolution.. πŸ’œπŸ’œ Feminine=Heart Masculine=Mind Unity= Heart & Mind balanced as one. Thinking from the Heart. Heart telepathy. This is important for those with children born after 2015- there’s activations coming in through their bodies directly as conduits due to the full integration of their etheric, mental, spiritual, emotional, physical bodies and subconscious. This is part of whats upliftment the planet and activating telepathic unification.