Ascension and Symptoms with Lisa Renee, Rosie Neal, and David Wilcock – 3-22-19

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I hadn’t been able to account for how I’ve been feeling physically and emotionally until I checked in with my chums and Healer friends. But since so many of us are feeling similar symptoms, we’re putting them down to “Ascension shifts and Light Upgrades.”

Has anyone been feeling the following: Exhaustion, fuzzy head, physical aches and pains, intermittent weeping but not necessarily having a sad reason to weep, wooziness, weariness, diet shifts or digestion issues? Or just generally feeling whack?

I’d been worried I was getting sick again. I’d dealt with issues of debilitating exhaustion for many years but had, after seeing a great Chinese doctor for three years, recovered some of my energy and health.

Good news is I now know many of us are feeling what I’m feeling, so I’m not alone, which is a relief.

Here is a portion of a…

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