8 Signs You Are Starting To Live In The Fifth Dimension – via Prepare For Change

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ByRebel Pharmacist,

Many who focus their attention on the study of ascension and its teachings are familiar with the ability to ascend through the various dimensions on our journey to spiritual wisdom and enlightenment. As we move from one dimension to the next we experience a shift in our consciousness as we move from one accepted set of beliefs and to another.

Our energy moves throughout the world, and the universe, in vibrations. As these vibrations become both higher and lighter they allow us to tune into higher frequencies.These high frequencies enable us to ascend into higher dimensions, opening us to new realities and ways of thinking.

Life on Earth, as we know it, is considered to be the third dimension, a lower and denser vibration. The mindset that is associated with the third dimension is one of fear and separation, beliefs that…

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