Energy Update Natalia Alba March 29, 2019

Beloved Ones,

We are entering into a new energetic month. With April we begin now the second phase of this year, moving from the Yin essence that starred the first months, especially during March, to the Yang one that will govern this month of April, with its Aries frequency. The wheel of life has rotated again and now we move from mastering and integrating all the wisdom received from our past challenges, with the last sign of the zodiac, to initiate ourselves again in this endless evolutionary soul journey, with Aries, who leads us into a new cycle with the strength and wisdom regained in the depths of our being.

The essence of April is represented by the 16 universal number – 7 reduced. Number 16 is represented by the tarot card of the Tower, which is destructive for many, but to me, it simply means the conscious change or the necessary one that must occur, for us to dissolve an inner state of being and/or situation that is not aligned with our true soul journey, and rebirth, again.

A misguided path can be destroyed by conscious desire, for we have realized that this is not the path we are meant to navigate in, or by Divine Intervention, for sometimes our God Self can cause the necessary changes required for us to return to our original path. When this occurs, the human self may tend to see it as something negative, and as if everything from the outside is causing us troubles or as if it was a curse. In truth, what we see as chaotic or as destructive, is the required frequency we need to change the direction of a “mistaken” path, for in truth all paths end by leading us to our true destination, nothing experienced is ever wrong or useless.

On the opposite, number 7 – 16 reduced – is represented by the tarot card of the Chariot. This card represents the renewal, and triumph that comes when we are aligned with our God Will and when we have finally passed the challenges that may come with change and with the apparent chaos that seems to reign while this change lasts in our human experience. In the end, if we learn how to accept, embrace and navigate through change, we will end up being the warriors and powerful brave beings that we naturally are.

Number seven is a mystical and master number, for it holds all the wisdom required for us to manifest in the tangible, all we desire to experience. On the contrary of what is often thought of this number, it is not a passive one, for its masculine essence means the one who wisely brings into form that which was once nurtured and properly discerned from within, from a space of love and connection to All That Is.

Number seven shows us where we have been and where we are going. Have you mastered all the challenges that were kindly showing you what you needed to remember? Have you realized the illusion of separation? Have you found the mystic within? If so, you are now ready to bring all this inner magic, creations and abundance into your physical realm, where you decided to become a master of the tangible plane.

At a cosmic level, we begin this month with Pluto, the Planet of Power, opposing the True Node on April 4. This is, especially when Pluto will turn “retrograde” on April 24, an energy that begins with this alignment and that will continue during all month. It is an opportunity to begin observing ourselves, how we act, the healthy boundaries we set and everything that can let us know how we are using our power.

This months brings the gift for us to focus on how we direct our power. It is pivotal that we understand the difference between being empowered and being abusive, which can seem really easy, but there is a fine line that many cross, when mastering personal power. This is about using your power to be constructive, and resourceful to create a beneficial outcome for All.

Do you know for real the power that lies within yourself? Do you use it to bring changes that will benefit All? Do you use it to be a wayshower of how to live an empowered human experience? Or do you still use our power to manipulate/control, whether consciously or unconsciously others? Do you use your inner power to nurture yourself and others and be of assistance in all you can? Or do you give your power away, allowing others to control, manipulate and/or enslave you? This is an opportunity for you to evaluate the use you are doing of your inner force, and hence intention, and if where you are putting it, will help All or just your own egoic desires.

On March 5, we have a New Moon at 15 degrees of Aries. This catapults the energies of leadership, initiation and action that we have been feeling for a while, since the end of March. We end another micro, and macro, cycle, as for many this also signifies the new astrological year as well, and begin a new phase in which we now know more about all we have experienced.

During the New Moon there is a square between Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. This frequency from this planetary encounter is going to help us break free from what impedes us to recognize our True Essence and Path, and step into a journey of self-empowerment, love for the self, and expansion. This is where we begin to honor the unique aspect, as Aries reminds us, of who we are, not from an egoic perspective, but from a Divine one, remembering that a Spark of God lies within ourselves and we shall respect and honor its Will.

However, for us to be able to begin anew, first we need to clear all that is blocking our way to regain the love for ourselves as well as for the unique mission we brought here. This is why this square, between many other planetary events at this time, will serve us to leave old habits, addictions and anything that disempowers us, and begin to reclaim our sovereignty, as LoveLight beings who came to experience an earthly realm, not from a victim perspective, but from an empowered one.

On April 10th, Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, will turn “retrograde”. As many of you know, I do not focus on a limited perspective of reality. I have been for few years now releasing many fixed beliefs, especially about astrology, and to be honest, in my reality only govern my own micro cycles and Highest Will, not retrograde phases, for during these periods, all simply goes perfectly fine, as it shall be, always according to a Higher Plan.

The essence of this month is one for inner retrospection, whether Planets appear to be retrograde or not, for the frequency of a month goes beyond our planetary alignments, as there are, always, many things we cannot really know or envision, behind our human perspective. However, as the collective has created the illusion of retrograde, this, of course, has an impact, for all we create has an effect. It is our personal choice to move inward, realize all is in truth an illusion, and begin to disengage from more old beliefs that only cause us fear.

As always, it is all happening according to the natural cycles of Creation, rather than a fear-based belief that we have created from our human limited view of planets being retrograde and of them causing us challenges or benefits. Jupiter invites us to expand from within before we do so in our physical reality. It is important to grow, to reflect and to measure the consequences our actions will have, before bringing our visions into the physical. This is one of the first steps before manifesting in the physical, whether we see it as being retrograde or not. All is what we desire to make of it.

On April 19, we have another wonderful Full Moon at 29 degrees Libra, after the one we had on March 20/21. This is the catalyst of the stabilizing energies that many of us have been working with for a while, not just for us to anchor them within, helping our bodies regain harmony and healing, but when working with the Earth’s Fabrics, something that will continue intensely, until the middle of May.

On April 20, the Sun will enter into the earthly sign of Taurus. The second sign of the zodiac, ruled by Venus, offers us the gift to create our Heaven on Earth, connecting with nature, honoring our physical realm and enjoying who we are and our creations. Taurus will start opening the energetic gates for us to begin grounding ourselves as well as our desires in the physical. With Taurus comes our second initiation into a deeper knowledge of how to manifest our desires from an energetic Plane into our dense world, teaching us our next lesson within the wheel of life, which is to master ourselves in the endless art of bringing things from our inner world into our human one.

Taurus, is indeed a sign that likes to see the rewards of all His efforts. It invites us now to pay more attention to earthly matters, as they are the materialization of that which is within and that which sustains us in our lives, remembering that material things are also a part of our lives, for we do not separate anymore, as instead, we choose to unify All as being equal within Creation.

It is a time to create, to bring forth new desires now that we are about to enter into May. A time to be reborn just as nature does, as everything is giving birth to a new way of existing and so are we. We should stay open to receive all that we have been creating from within during all these months, and be patient, as everything has been already perfectly orchestrated for us to just have faith and trust that at Divine Timing, all that is meant to come into our lives, will come.

In this same day we also have Venus entering into Aries, together with Mercury, which did the same on April 17. Both Planets in Aries, which is a sign that can fall into the trap of being egoic and only look for its desires, will be a potent force that if not wisely control can let us fall into impulsiveness, for both in Aries are fast in thinking, in falling in love and in taking decisions that may not be aligned, simply because they search for instant gratification, allowing the excitement of the moment to control them. This is an opportunity to discern and ponder before we take an important decision that later on we will not resonate with.

We end the month with Saturn also turning “retrograde” too, as another confirmation of what we are already feeling in the macro – a deep sense of communion with our God Self, before we act and build something lasting, in the physical. Introspection is – always – the only path to self-illumination and regeneration, as there is no one or nothing outside ourselves that could ever shed light into our own inner illusions and shadows.

By moving inward we see the Truth of our beauty as Divine beings, moving away from the human perception – we have of ourselves and others – becoming conscious beings of our own actions, which has nothing to do with being superior or more special than others, but with honoring and respecting the spark of the Divine that we All are in Essence – walking away of what disempowers us. This is why at times, we have to go inward in order to remember who we are and who we have become, as this human journey may make us forget it.

April is a month that reminds us unity, and above all, that all the love, healing, blessings and power we search or expect from outer sources, is within. Dissolve what makes you denser than you are in truth. Use your inner power to stand firm in your path without judging or condemning others – simply walk your path as a conscious being would do – with integrity, responsibility for his/her own life experience and compassion for All. Realize that everything is more precious since you exist, sharing and assisting on this wonderful path with your unique and wonderful gifts.

Do not fear the unknown, step into it and bring a higher awareness from all that was revealed to you while you walked in the shadows, as you no longer judge them and are now ready to embrace and integrate them, as equal. And while you are under the illusion of your human beliefs of how things should be or what you think you have lost, remember that nothing or anyone is ever lost, we are always finding each other into this never-ending LoveLight spiral in which we navigate in – as it shall be, and it Is, at Divine Time for All.

I wish you a month filled with infinite love, joy and blessings, Beloved Companions!

In love and light āˆž

Natalia Alba

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