The 144,000 – TERI Wade March 29, 2019

The 144,000…

The Book of Revelations and the Emerald tablets both predict the arrival of the 144,000 light workers that are here to help liberate Earth from the forces of darkness. In my opinion there are many more than this who have incarnated in our world today. Most of the 144,000 light workers are here and are in the process of waking up to their divine purpose and mission.

Most of these incarnated souls are from very advanced planets. These light workers incarnated with a program that was meant to be triggered to go off at a certain time. It’s purpose was to awaken them to their true identity and mission.

This is what I believe happened to me in that ohhhh so crazy grocery store incident back in 2012 that many of you know about. I believe I incarnated with a program and it was triggered and happened to go off in the freakin grocery store of all places. 🥴 Many of you know this but before that incident I knew none of this let alone interested in it.

We have reached that 11th hour of the Great Change that’s taking place here on Earth. The time has come for these 144,000 light workers to wipe the sleep and awaken from the slumber of this material world.

The ignorant masses on Earth will not save this planet. These light workers will save this planet but they have to assume their role. The time for confusion, hesitation and procrastination is over!

And if those light workers think they are on just another routine mission think again. This is the biggest mission and undertaking this planet has received in its transformation. The eyes of the entire galaxy is on this planet watching and assisting in its transition. Watching to see if we succeed or fail in this Grand Event.

I’ve talked about this before in past posts. (The History of Earth) The history of Earth has seen the rise and fall of consciousness many times. We have been through many cycles, seeing the rise and fall of many civilizations. We’ve been thru the ascending process of our consciousness to the descending process of our consciousness with the destruction of civilizations. Pangaea, Lemuria, Atlantis to our current civilization.

As stated in the Bible we are in the end times but the end times is only the end of the Dark rule here on Earth. We have now entered the Golden Age of enlightenment and it’s time! It’s only the End of World as we know it. 😉