Incoming Wave -Amanda Lawrence April 2, 2019


Very strong INCOMING WAVE, started a few hours ago.

But the following available action…please only take if it resonates. Do as YOU’RE internal guidance says for YOU:

For those that can feel MANY wave patterns, multiple pulses, tingles and other indescribable sensations inside our body: We can NOW merge (if we wish to) with the internal energy sensations within our vehicle. This increases our own energetic field. AND IS THE START OF MUCH MORE. You’ll feel it amplify internally when you merge your energy within the energetic patterns, pulses etc. You’ll feel an increase to your kundalini also. To do, with no thought activity. Complete silencing of the mind. If you’re at this point, you’ll intuitively know how to merge with the internal patterns, pulses etc, via your internal energy work.

This guidance is for those that now feel MULTIPLE, i stress MULTIPLE patterns, pulses, sensations in the body, because you have reached that energetic state all over your body. It’s not for people feeling tingles only, or just one head pattern or one body sensation. Ascension increases the internal vibrations of the body a stage at a time, in tandem with our energetic frequency rise, so the available ‘merging/interaction’ I am speaking of is a STAGE AVAILABLE at Multiple Energetic Sensation Stage. In other words, it won’t work AT ALL until multiple energetics are experienced throughout the human body because it’s frequency based.

On Sunday 31 March 2019, after the previous WAYSHOWERS post (30 March 2019) relating to the vibrational waves and patterns, I unpackaged ADDITIONAL data. I am currently working energetically with this new data. I can not post this new data until I have worked with the energies, as I will unpackage another piece of data, which will be a result of my current energetic work.

Where we are heading with this, in this mass ascension, is heightened conscious energetic ability. To assist at many levels, many kingdoms, humanity, and many dimensions.

When I explain this NEW data relating to the internal energy, the written post or LIVE video will be entitled:

“TRANSLOCATIONAL WAVES”. But I’m not sure when this will be. Depends how long the energy work takes. There is no rush. It’s all so perfectly timed. All of it.

I am fairly quiet now for this reason. Less socially active for now.

One Love. God bless everyone. Keep going!! 💙🙏💙

Amanda Lorence

2 April 2019