Cellular Activations/Upgrades and Shifts – Amanda Lawrence April 4, 2019


This IS a period of extreme cellular activations, impressive upgrades, shifts, increased data downloads. Received into you’re physical vessel and into your awareness.

Each process differently. So it’s about looking at YOU, how best you process new data, new activity, how physically sensitive or in tune you wish to be to YOURSELF and choosing whether to BE with these current energies that present GIFTS of DATA and UPGRADE. Or whether to be unaware, distracted away from what’s being given. It’s just choice, and there’s literally no right or wrong.

When we are each in our NOW moment, in the PRESENT moment, THAT is the energetic space we can learn, notice, gain understanding, decipher intel/data, observe other dimensional spaces, hear high frequency bandwidths, see etc.

Some prefer to be amongst others in a NOW moment of gaining data or experience, some prefer a solitary space to be in the NOW MOMENT awareness state for what is being gifted to each, individually, and so uniquely. So it’s different preference for each for HOW they become aware and open up data, experience and abilities.

The PRESENT moment, is the higher Dimensional frequency doorway we can enter. Where we have multiple types of experiences and/or gain higher frequency knowledge. So if you are wishing to be aware of what is being gifted to YOU during this amazing energetic period, it will be understood and experienced BY YOU, in the NOW moment. Not in thoughts of past or future. Not in moments of distraction, whatever they may be. But through your own PRESENCE. Quietening the Mind brings a magnification to

experiences in any NOW moment.

We have been receiving this increase in ENERGY for some days now. It’s ongoing. Magnificent. Yet only experienced and understood to it’s fullest, by YOUR own presence to it. To merge with that which presents as higher frequency data, sight, hearing, sensation, touch etc, is like saying YES to it. So you receive more, when that YES intention is being sustained (not once, but as a continuous YES pattern by you).

However best you receive, evolve, grow…it’s a choice to honour HOW you work with energy, or ignore and be less aware, less sensitive to the beautiful energetics that hold unfoldments of data and experiences for you. Others will not know YOUR ‘ideal’ way of being present to ENERGY, and you may not know theirs.

What we are being gifted, in these current energies is off the charts magnificent. A significant period for each, if we are choosing to hold a presence…to then unpackage higher frequency data and coding, that these energies are activating within every physical human being.

Not all human beings on Gaia are ‘consciously aware’ of this ENERGETIC period for mankind, as humanity is multiple frequency, experiencing 3D, 4D, 5D and Higher. But ALL HIGHER SELVES of ALL human beings, are absolutely aware of this energetic period. Wow…

So much love,

One Love

Amanda Lorence

04 April 2019