April Ascension Symptoms Kwana Mikaela April 5, 2019

First week of April literally blast with amplified emanations from Great Central Sun via our Solaris, and we are entering in the next Big stage of forward preperation for Solstice in June. These steps we take are with new dynamics month after month, and they build up more intense as well immense environment for us. For Expansion. For deeper dive Within.

4 April itself – 4/4 – is Grand Activity.


Profound upgrades in our cellular structure (physical vessel) as well lots of activations in every diamond core – cell within Crystalline Light Body leads to various types of sensations, we can experience. Some of it:

• Most common physical simptomatic:

Super tiredness/exhaustion/lessening of physical strength/vessel needs longer time for realignment, adaptation, rest (calm state physically), time to make required changes in order to function according to present energetic.

Tiredness we (many of us) experience comes side by side with ‘shutdown’, it can be both cognitive and spontaneously, the last one is connected to individual period of time between rest, movement, ‘how much personal energy you focus’ and ‘where goes your energy’. This ‘shutdown’ can long from few hours, especially during day, when your body ask you to lay down till 12 – 14 hours sleep time during night.

Please, pay attention to vessel’s request, and Self-care. You have your own personal ‘speed’ you are undergoing upgrades, activations, integrations. Honour your body with Self-Love. Honour your process.


• If there is INTENSITY, then there is Purging of Emotional and Mental planes, – April is next phase for it. Countless stored/coded memories comes forth to be released. Many of us can feel hyper-emotionally/sensitive, especially in moments when Plasma Light have ‘spikes’ (Schumann Resonance) or there is ‘silence’ on charts but can feel ‘density in air’. This emotionality/sensitivity is vessel’s response to high vibrational frequency energies and rays. Be truly gentle and easy to yourSELF. Observe emotional impulses, breathe and send any distortion back to Source for transformation.

Be aware that these stored memories includes also emotional experiences from other Timelines (in other words – ‘karmic energies, old 3D matrix, karmic cycles’); what comes forth about your earth’s family, friends, and people in your work place, or any other interaction? What is quality of your relationships with those around you? Where you still get reactions/responses within? What is response of your body in different interactions?

Know that you/we are the ONE who chooses Reality to live in/to create from. Be honest and open to own emotions; be open within your Sacred Heart to LET GO all that no longer serves for your Highest good and Path. Allow to yourSELF Your Path and to others Their.

• Many can experience sensation of ‘losing mind’; it is mind program that loses its power. Confusion, questions, self-doubts. Go Within to your Heart center and take few minutes for breathing. Confirm that you are keeper of your mind and your body, and that you allow processes that serves for your highest good, in ways, that is best, and in harmony with your own Being.

• Sleep. We a lot shifting during sleep; latest Shift occured from 2 to 3 April.

Additional sensations:

• Back area – deep releases from toxins/stored energies;

• Legs – tinglings, pains in muscles;

• Various sensations in head or/and head – body at the same time.

• Perception – from sharp to blurry; lost sense of time.

Our physical body is not simple vessel we use as device to move from one point in space to another, and ‘quickly’ leap into 5D. Due to changes and more changes in near ‘future’, our body deserves all our Love and gratitude for ability to Change. Gratitude and Love to own vessel is a key to more smooth transformation when it comes to emotions, beliefs, thought forms, cycles, programs, outdated energies. To have Solar Crystalline Body, at first we need to be able to be Love into/’as’ Human body. To be able to fully Love our Body and Let go any attachment to it, to be ready with Love to manifest ourselves in Crystalline Form.

May Diamond Ruby Ray of Divine LOVE gentle touches to each of you/us, and even with hyper tiredness (so blessed and welcomed upgrades), we continue to move forward with steps that is truly the best for every Brother and Sister. SHE – Divine Feminine – lay Roses under our feet, with eternal Mother’s Love, She supports every Heart, and hears every Heart.

I allow to my Being be surrounded with pinkish and ruby Roses from Her Beloved Garden 🌹

Love you all radiant ONEs 💫✨💫🌎💛

Kwana Mikaela