Mother Mary’s Urgent Message by Linda Li April 4, 2019

Mother Mary’s urgent message on Gaia’s need to release

April 4th, 2019

By Linda Li

Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with important news. The Divine has decided to move Christ’s Agenda forward, and let the regime change happen as early as possible. Divine needs to move forward so it is suitable for Gaia.

Recently, Gaia has been literally on live support. She can not survive without the support of the Divine and the company of heaven, and that has to be taken care of. We need to make sure of Gaia’s wellbeing, and so humanity’s, and in order to do that, we, the Divine, have decided to move forward with Christ’s Plan. The bottom line is that the planet needs to be rescued. We need to act, so that together, we can bring stability to Gaia and Mother Earth. And humanity needs to hear this news, let Gaia’s healing happen, and be there for Mother Earth. Together, we bring Gaia/Mother Earth home.

I love you dear ones. I am Mother Mary. It is urgent now that we, the Divine, need to act. We need to act on behalf of Gaia and Mother Earth. We need to let the planet and humanity know that their Mother Gaia is in a severe situation. She needs to be rescued. Actions are needed so that Gaia’s situation won’t deteriorate, and Mother Earth can continue on a stable course. We, the Divine, have decided to take action for the sake of Gaia/Mother Earth’s Wellbeing, to prevent the catastrophic from happening. It is just that serious right now. We need to act.

You may ask what we can do, Mother Mary, to save Gaia from deteriorating further? Dear heart, what Gaia/Mother Earth need now is to release. Gaia needs to let go of the past. She has accumulated so much past horror, and now is the time to let go. Otherwise, she is facing collapse. We don’t want her to collapse. We need her to be able to survive and ascend home. But in order for Gaia to survive, she has to let go. She needs mass release, and that time is now. Gaia needs to release. If she doesn’t let the release happen soon, we don’t know what would happen to the planet. Gaia needs to act, plain and simple. And that time is now.

I love you dear ones, I am Mother Mary. In the next few days and weeks, the planet wide release may happen. We have gotten the permission from Gaia. And the Divine will lead the release effort. The Divine has literally started all sorts of rescue efforts, just in case. And for that, Gaia is grateful. We need Gaia to survive, we need the planet to be able to function to go home.

Dear ones, the planet and Gaia need rescuing and we need to work together so that we can make the ascension of the planet smooth, and make sure the planet and humanity can go home together.

In the process of Gaia’s next release, you, my dear precious ones, may be impacted, lives may be lost, and that is the process, and the consequences. We want the planet to know that there are enormous changes coming, and these changes will cost lives. So be prepared dear heart. Know it is time. We have to act for the sake of Gaia and Mother Earth, and for the sake of Gaia’s wellbeing.

Now, besides Gaia’s ascension process, we, the Divine also have been literally working nonstop in terms of getting the planet cleaned. It is such a massive effort, yet we need more effort and help. We are, right now, in the process of getting more help from other Universes and other star systems in the hope that together, we can bring the planet to a livable condition. For that, we, the Divine, are thankful for the help we are getting, and we will bring on board new technology. That is the good news.

In the time to come, you are going to see more actions from Divine. The Divine and the company of heaven, are so busy right now. We literally can not let Gaia/Mother Earth stand alone. They are in our loving care and hopefully after the release, we can have a break. But for now, Gaia is in such need of rescue. We have to release Gaia’s pent up energies. Mother Earth has no choice but to let the energies go. Together, we will rescue the planet. The planet desperately needs it, and the time is now.

I love you dear ones. That is the Divine announcement. We have to act. No more time for delay. Gaia’s life is on the line. Let’s work together. Let Gaia’s release happen. Let Mother Earth release so that together, we give Gaia new life, and let Gaia and Mother Earth breathe a little. That is urgent. So it is.