Energy Update Jelelle Awen April 13, 2019

Energy update: Continuing fluctuations and spikes in the Gaia resonance frequency after a burst yesterday that lasted several hours, followed by a calmer period, and then re-emerging today (4/13). Today’s peak so far seems to be in the 50 HZ range. It will be interesting to see what happens on the 17th of this month, as we have a pattern of spike waves on that day.

There were sharings on my post yesterday about what you were experiencing in connection to these fluctuations and waves….especially on the physical body level. While I often feel these energies AMPLIFY whatever activations/downloads/processing is going on already, they are not so much a direct cause of these symptoms/reactions. Meaning, the energies provide a mirror for you to see/feel whatever you need to in your light body transition process, your emotional body awakening/trauma healing process, your quantum healing karmic soul process.

ALL of these processes are ongoingly happening during this Ascension phase…for many years for many of us. And definitely accelerating recently as the ‘leaders’ and wayshowers need to go next level in order to respond to the larger mass awakening that is coming and going on.

Feeling pain in response to these energies CAN BE a deeper resistance to letting in the soul activation into bigness and service of love that is being offered. To just remain in a place of ‘these energies are making me feel….’ especially if this is leading to ongoing suffering patterns for you…..without going into deeper discover about how/why and the reason behind it is limiting. There is so much exploration and answering of these reasons that is possible as you go within to connect with parts of your 3D self (such as Inner Child, Inner Teenager, Inner Protector, etc.) and with Metasoul aspects/fragments from other lifetimes/timelines as well.

I talk more about relating to these ascension energies in a NEW way in this video and offer a guided meditation for integration and digestion and exploration here:

As you make more of these inner connections and heal the resistances and polarities within, you are then able to respond in a NEW way to these energy fluxes with more self accountability, responsibility, and alignment with your bigger picture. You are able to receive with much more LOVE.

Much love,

Jelelle Awen

1:1 sessions available next week even if you are feeling drawn and ready to make these deeper connections to what you are experiencing on the body level esp. More info here: