Invisible War by David Vincent


Invisible War / undercover war

Mobilization of more than 300 thousand soldiers with the aim of destroying the full sgs and dark extraterrestrial forces.

The third war has been deactivated in astral plane by the galactic Confederation.

My friends, given the world reality humanity is going through a critical situation between the cabal of the deep state, extraterrestrial rebel groups and the galactic alliance.

In this last time, more than 300 thousand soldiers have been mobilized from Russia, the United States of America, China and other countries, this movement of troops of the great powers would call it a strange movement for many, because it is a Undercover operation.

It was recently announced by intelligence forces linked to the galactic alliance and the qanon, in which they reveal that we are in an extreme situation of a great conflict between the cabal of the deep state, extraterrestrial rebel groups against the military alliance of Russia, states United, China and other countries. Russia President Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump (USA. Uu. ) and the president of China along with other countries of the coalition, have determined to declare the final war to the group of the cabal of the deep state and dark extraterrestrial forces, at this moment has begun a persecution by the allied troops direct to the heart and the Head of the deep state in the whole world.

This persecution to the full of the deep state, is carried out with a deployment of troops of more than 300 thousand soldiers, clearly for the common of the world population a movement of troops of this magnitude would be of common military exercises and currents, but of A huge movement of troops with the aim of giving the final assault as the final defeat of the cabal of the deep state around the world.

Now, it is estimated that the logistics operational tour of the troops of 300 thousand soldiers, would be safeguarded and insured with food, fuel and everything that involves this huge deployment of soldiers, so much so, that this great deployment of troops in Everyone, in which attacks have been made to some antennas of the cabal, some portals and underground bases in the same way. The death of more than 30 thousand people linked to the cabal of the deep state has been recorded. For the attacks carried out by the military forces, the more than 30 thousand people who were killed by the military forces had radio weapons frequencies of high technology, many bases have been prepared as is the case of the bases of the cabal in The State of Sao Paulo Brazil, obviously with the end of a massive evacuation of these bases by the cabal among them.., as already mentioned the underground base in Sao Paulo.

Many bases have been prepared in different places in the world, including the arctic and Antarctica as places of refuge and exile of the deep state and its ramifications around the world. Now, these great bases of the cabal as the great base of the state of Sao Paulo, which is below that strategic state of Brazil, also comply with the work of not allowing the capture of the thousands of members of the cabal worldwide By the forces of the Confederation and the troops ordered and commanded by trump and Putin respectively.

There are already a non-determined number of prisons prepared for all members of the cabal worldwide, from low-ranking members, corrupt politicians, to the maximum leaders of that criminal organization, as is the full Zionist in the shadows.

More than 600 people have been arrested and destined for these prisons, in addition to this we must include the brains who planned the destruction of the twin towers, and where more than 2 thousand people were killed, that terrorist attack of false flag Executed in New York City, it was a pretext to start a large-Scale War. Already the guilty have been identified as the cases of the bush family, including Father George Bush. The whole bush family has been linked to drug trafficking, accused of trafficking in human beings, including children, human organs, this traffic made by the bush family of the cabal, has been with the object of technology exchange, what else are involved several Satanic sects of the elite, with technological power of high faculty of magic black.

We know that there are many issues related to these evil acts that will partially come out to light as the reports are given to know the world opinion, however, these reports will be sooner than planned, due to unfair Detention of Julian Assange, where is behind the deep state of the cabal. These reports will be released to humanity, due to the great threat made yesterday (13/04/2019), by the group anonymus to the members of the cabal.

We understand the following, right now we are at a level 3 of war, which is why this important number of troops, from Russia, the United States of America, China and other countries have been mobilized. The United States of America LED by President Donald Trump has ordered to put several of his military bases on maximum alert, Apache helicopters have been used to monitor those bases and facilities of NASA, many underground bases of the cabal and negative extraterrestrial forces, are being Attacked and destroyed around the world, including the base in territory of Brazil, state of Sao Paulo, sidona in the United States of America, Nepal, China, Russia, Alaska, Siberia, etc. If we feel tremors from time to time. Keep in mind that they are attacks on these bases.

As a result we are in a critical situation for the liberation of earth and humanity in these moments, the control phase of the full Zionist, is connected to the new world order as negative extraterrestrial forces. All corrupt international policy in all countries is being funded by the cabal of the deep state in order to maintain control and carry out the new world order ordered by the alien occupation forces, however, it has not had effect due To massive arrests around the world of politicians linked and funded by the cabal.

In the case of Brazil, this country would have retaliation for being the left linked to the cabal, that meant that Brazil should have a change in the presidency not to receive such reprisals and not be turned into a new Venezuela by the cabal Zionist.

There have been in recent months many military interventions to the cabal and its bases in the world that have been reported by the media as military exercises, which we must understand that we are in total and absolute war against these negative forces of the cabal worldwide. Returning to the theme of the policy that dominates the cabal, we refer directly to the left, part of the world mobilization of troops is related to the fall of left governments around the world, specifically those who have dominated South America in the last 20 years, these governments are being defeated by a evil that is necessary as are the right governments, so the absolute defeat of the cabal and its domain.

These are the right-wing governments, those right-wing governments and former military as bolsonaro in Brazil, are a necessary evil in order to destroy and end the power of the cabal through the international left-Wing LED by Jesuits. The right is a necessary evil right now for all South America, but this would be converted into a great and unique Venezuela for the interests of the cabal and its new order. Clearly I am not part of any political color, but it is necessary for now the domain of right-wing governments in the region to permanently expel the cabal that manifests itself through the left.

We must understand that you will need approximately a few years to change this whole situation at the global level, because the cabal is also moving at astral level, we understand that the mobilization of these 300 thousand soldiers is necessary, therefore we are in a situation as A significant change for humanity.

The activities and domain of the cabal are coming to an end, however, the struggle is difficult and bloody, the battle is also pound in the spiritual astral plane by the forces of light as is the Confederation and the galactic alliance.

It is essential that people wake up and take awareness of what happens and what is coming in the next few months and years, Assange’s detention marks from today an important and fundamental precedent in the delivery of information that will definitely mean the defeat of the cabal Like this system based on lies and control.

By David Vincent.

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