Avatars of Earth- Andrew Charles April 18, 2019


Beloved Avatars of Earth , you our beloved Light workers, Wish tell you that The 5th dimensional portals are open , Yes beloveds you can now simply shift your consciousness from

4th to 5th – and step over the rainbow bridge into higher consciousness, The gateway portals have been open now – And many of our beloveds star seeds light warriors have now shifted in higher levels of consciousness , You have shifted your reality into higher realms of your planets 5th incarnation.

What do you mean by this ✨

We here ‘ many light workers saying ??

Why am I still here living with humans who are 3/4th Dimensional….

Let us explain beloveds ✨

You dear ones who have shifted , still move your conscious awareness between the realms as you coexist at the same time

As There are levels of dimensional awareness or planes of existence of Consciousness …,

For Example✨

Each planet has seven incarnations , that means each physical planet has 6 other body’s or incarnations that are more & more suttle , they’re called globes, and these 7 Globes are referred to as a chain –

Humanity’s consciousness or dimensional awareness ‘ operates within the 7 Earth planes of existence forming a chain

The current globe that a Planetary civilisation is inhabiting would be called (round or globe or realm ) –

So Earth or Gaia its self is in its fourth incarnation✨

the Ending Of The Kali Yuga or globe or Realm ‘ moving shifting & preparing to move into the 5th Golden Age …. world ‘globe ‘realm or Dimensions …. all are levels of consciousness ,

Remember The chain of✨

7 incarnations of

7 planetary incarnations.

So for example ✨

This is what we call Planetary Ascension & Individual Ascension!!!

So the ‘ 5th 6th 7th Incarnations of a planetary body are more high ‘ are more spiritual ….. at the 7th realm , you are one complete with the consciousness creator.

So beloveds, the portals are open for you awakened ones to step over the threshold into the higher incarnation of this planet.

However’ Tho , many of your Earth brothers and sisters are still in the matrix programming of the 3rd/4th dimensional realm or should we say ‘ The third fourth incarnation of Gaia’s chain …. there are many Beings on your planet that still operate from their 3 Lower Chakras And have not fully opened their high hearts to this Consciousness shift.

This lower consciousness in these individuals will fully change for them at the Time of The Grand Event !!! Or The Great breath of Brahma

Remember beloveds This Final Wave or push of Photonic love light ‘ is Coming-

However We do not give times & Dates when the creator will fully manifest this – as we live in the ever eternal Now✨

So there is still ‘ a need for you warriors of light ‘ for you star seeds who are now awake for your consciousness and light body’s that have shifted to the fifth dimension or 5th incarnation of this planet, – May we say here :

( Still with your human feet standing on your planetary soil).

You beloveds still need to anchor in more light for your Brothers and sisters who are just needing that programming and Vale to be lifted.

As you our beloveds are High frequency conduits – you act as an antenna ‘ Receiving transmissions of energy & light Codes – That travel through your Auric Fields and absorb down through your chakras and out into your being , As The energy of the universe exists in a wave form or a particle form

🔮The Galactic Federation Of Light ✨

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