Emotional Energy Update – Russ Divina Russell

Emotional Energy Update from an unusual source . . .


Archangel Gabriel 💎

Hello my dearest friends

There are many time lines that are collapsing and so your emotions are heightened. This will continue for a while yet.

A lot of planetary shifting which means laylines, gateways and portals are being closed and new energy creating new ones is happening as you read this.

The Galactic Alliance and Federation is assisting many in this work.

What this means for you in 3D is that your emotional and mental energies are going to feel that they are being tested.

That you are not being heard, or just simply feeling confused. There is NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU.

For you who are feeling the warmth and love, share it, send it out, Be your Truth. Lift the vibration as high as you can. SMILE, that will make someone’s day.

We are embracing you with love of the highest good. We are very close, just feel into your calmness and Heart. You are being heard and loved in such a great way. Feel into my Gabriel Energy. 😊 And the Archangel Energies of my brothers and sisters.

Always in awed by your courage and determination.

Much love and Grace

AA Gabriel