The Swamp is Draining – Darrell Wayne Bolt


The Swap is Draining. The Deep State has been removed from Power. Pedophiles and Satanist are being rounded up as I write this. Children are being rescued. Catholic Church is being exposed for its Satanic Atrocities.

Walk-ins are being Seeded into Key Positions around the World who are now WhistleBlowers…the undeniable Truth will be revealed…resulting is the Mass Awakening.

RainBow Light Codes have been Bombarding us in preparation for Event Energies…this is not just 1 Event…its wave after wave after wave of Events.

Many of us are experiencing these now. Within these waves are Packets of Tools and Activation for our New Mission.

The Highest Possible TimeLines have been selected by our OverSoul. We are TimeLine Jumping like crazy. Were all feeling this.


Internal Poles have Shifted. The New Template is being woven. Totally New BluePrint to Serve the HUE-man I AM Presence is now being overlayed.

The Sasquatch, Fairies, Leprechaun, Nomes, Elves above and below and those in the woods, Elementals of all kind… are revealing themselves to those who are RainBow Bridges of above and below.

As we have risen in consciousness the Connections we’ve seen in our Dreams are Now coming into fruition. We are the Ambassadors on the Nano. The Little People. The Defender of the Mystical and the Magical.

They See who loves and protects them. The are who they are revealing themselves to. We are here to Educate the masses and Protect their Habitat. Each who remin is a willing participant in the coCreation of New Earth.

Earthians, with the assistance of the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the 4 Star Nations, have Uplifted and Liberated all Worlds and Galaxies who has chosen to do so. Those who remain have been Isolated and Quarantine … all free to Uplift in accordance to free will…yet safely tucked away so no harm can be done.

Mass exiting is ongoing. Each who has completed their Mission is being dispatched to New Mission and New Service. Many are returning to reap the rewards of their Service here.

Others will be Seeded throughout the Cosmos assisting in the Uplifting of New Worlds. Incarnating into other lifeforms raising the Consciousness from within…as wuth here…raising the Frequency of Vibration of Worlds we Serve.

/\ thank you for your service

What an Honor to Serve in this moment of Now…so much more is going on but ill end this here.

The Divine Plan is being revealed within Us. We ARE Prime Creator Servant to One.

How 😎 is That!