Immense Energies This Week- Ramona Lappin


The Energies this week have been IMMENSE. We’re seeing old Timelines / realities collapsing HUGE as New Earth organic Timelines are anchoring. It’s happening simultaneously and constant awareness of ones thoughts, beliefs, words and actions are very important as we shift from one Experience to another. Continuous tests and triggers testing us in our mastery of the embodiment of Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

This is not something that just happens to us, this takes constant observation, transmutation amd adjustments. We have to realize any old programs still running that may be re-creating the old. Any limiting habits, behaviors, thought patterns, beliefs and relationships based in distortion and not in allignment with our highest Expression are becoming very obvious. Anything that is not in alignment with the New Earth New Divine HUman version of us, all that is not authentically us, is becoming very visible along with all other distortions in our realities and within society.

Many old karmic contracts are coming up for release and with that we are being asked to make healthier choices in our life’s that are in allignment with our Highest Self Expression. No matter what anyone else thinks, says or does, no matter what society/ parents/ partners/ children/ friends deem normal or acceptable. Listening to our own heart, our own wisdom and intuition is what all of this is about. To be authentically us, noone else, a unique fractal of Source, yet also empty of old negative ego programming running. We become full, yet empty.

We continue to clear our anscestral-, bloodlines and soul lineage’s. The key is our DNA, daily work on Clearing our DNA of old programming and upgrading it to the highest multi-dimensional quality and quantity, is a beautiful way of assisting ourselves in this process. It’s like a short cut through. Lightlanguage is highly supportive of that.

We remain very busy at the astral level. A lot of the exhaustion felt is due to us being busy in other worlds. There is a huge continued clearing happening and much has been accomplished. Some of us experience this as attacks of lower astral forces or through these ‘frequencies’ attacking us through other people in our life’s. A lot of the lower energies/ entities that have been affecting us negatively have been removed. The old inverted systems continue to implode in on themselves.

Trust has come up in a big way as a lot of ancient betrayal from many lifetimes is clearing. We might get triggered through actual situations in our realities but in truth it goes so much deeper than just this life. We can feel that especially as pain and discomfort around the back of our heart chakra (& neck) which is also where we open up for receiving but many of us have closed this area down as a way to self protect. All these layers are coming down. As the veils and walls around the heart are lifting we can see through the manipulation, control and false agendas of people around us and at times that can make us feel like we can’t trust anyone. This also goes back to experiences from the past and other incarnations (past, present, future all run parrallel in truth;) where we actually didn’t listen to our intuitive messages, we overlooked them, wanted to see the best in people. So we actually didn’t trust ourselves but another’s word over ours. We learn that WE CAN trust ourselves, we just got to learn to listen and tune in more and better!

I’ve been spending much time in silence myself and focusing on the Gatework at hand, preparing and alchemising the Energies, this past week especially, plus to the normal day to day routine just simplified to the essentials. Body pains and aches, extreme tiredness, then bursts of energy but generally a lot more tiredness, nausea, dizziness, feeling ungrounded. A distinct feeling of being amd living in a dream. Dreams at night are very vivid at times and have some important messages for us. There is a lot happening at the astral level and parts of our bodies are busy elsewhere so it’s helpful to spent time doing physical stuff that ground us in our bodies. UPgrades and Clearings from crown to heart level especially powerful, crown and third eye opening in a BIG way, removing the veils, yet all of the lower chakras too, our solar plexus is powering up our intuition and inner power. The sacral is helping us clearing any karmic density around old relationships, sex and karmic ties, cords and hooks. The root chakra is helping us release remaining fears around survival and we’re having a lot of tests come up around money, housing and health.

This week especially has seen an increase in HUGE LIGHTBODY ACTIVATIONS! The whole body is buzzing and feels light as a feather at times and as if one is physically dissolving, I myself tap into this during Meditation.

Throughout all the tests of the past weeks I’ve managed to stay in balance overall which doesn’t mean I don’t have any feelings arising to be dealt with. When I feel anger, anxiety, frustration, fear or sadness come up I feel it, bring it up and out and bring more understanding to it, such what the real cause is, I truly acknowledge it through deeper understanding and then let it go, neutralising and transmuting it into a higher vibration through Divine Love and Neutrality always. We still feel whatever wants to be felt yet we alchemise it. When I feel anger I use that power in my energy work for example and blast the field with the fires of purification, not from a place of anger but I use the fuel of the anger and transmute it into power and the knowing that I am a powerful being of light. Same with affirmations and decrees, they are a lot more powerful with a bit of anger fuelling them, it’s all good, all can be alchemised. We keep coming back to love & balance by acknowledging all that’s is causing emotional responses but we don’t stay there, we use it as a catalyst for change from deep within. We can do this with any emotion! All can be transmuted with Divine Love and Neutrality and it starts within! IT’S OK TO FEEL, it’s absolutely vital as this is where our hearts show us what lies beneath the feeling, what ia not in allignment, what thought patterns caused the emotions, which belief system or pattern, where do they stem from? What is bothering us? Are they truly ours or someone else’s, a program? Can we change it at it’s core if it doesn’t feel good? Can we look at it so it doesn’t hurt anymore but transmute it so we can see the deeper blessing & lesson it has brought us?

We are constantly being asked to overwrite any lower thoughts, emotions and words arising. To speak from a pure heart and place. It’s a fine line of allowing our emotions to arise so we can understand and not being dragged down by them, nor suppressing them. By staying the compassionate Observer, like as if we were talking to a dear friend, yet we don’t attach to our stories. We keep bringing them into a higher light for more understanding and for inner transmutation. As we change our stories from being any kind of victim to being the Victor of our own hero’s journey, we transform the whole playing field. All persecutors require their victims to attract them vibrationally, let us change our vibration. We are to stand in our own POWER, SOVEREIGNTY & FREEDOM! No-one has a greater power over us than we ourselves. That’s being invincible, unfuckablewith 😉 no matter what anyone does, says, thinks or acts like, we stand strong, balanced and at peace within! Ultimately, this is a journey, so please be compassionate and loving with yourself first of all, as well as all of creation. See everyone and everything with the eyes of Source/ God/ the universe as often and as much as possible. Keep pulling into your heart and opening it ever wider. See everyone and everything as Perfect as it is and they are, all serving a purpose. Divine Neutrality and Love are Zero Point, which is when everything starts to shift in a big way.

My brain feels almost empty of activity these past few days, it’s been hard to write and even speak at times. Like not being in this REALity yet still functioning but definitely no overthinking. Total Presence has moved in where my busy mind used to be. Even writing this seems challenging. It’s overall a welcome change to much mental activity over the past many weeks. If I haven’t replied to anyone’s comments or message, please bare with me, nothing personal, I’m just limiting my time online and my focus is elsewhere.

Huge milestones have been reached these past days and weeks. The Collective field is being purified through the White Flame of Purification, Illumination & Ascension to a large extend, breaking hearts wide open and removing the veils ever faster. We are completing a HUGE COLLECTIVE QUANTUM LEAP, it’s like a big tidal wave softly yet powerfully removing distortions & karmic density at all levels of exsistence and collapsing the inorganic lower Timeline Experiences/ REALities.

If you’re struggling right now, know you’re not alone and this too shall pass! Put all of your focus upon Creating New Earth NOW! BE THE OBSERVER OF YOUR EXPERIENCE, like as if it was someone else’s. Neutralise it! It’s not happening to you but THROUGH you. You can change all from WITHIN, but first you need to be ok with it all, take responsibility of your own reality and creations. Right here, right now, in this NOW moment all can be ok, there can be peace and infinite possibilities. REMEMBER your mission, REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE FULLY and REMEMBER YOU ARE SOURCE INCARNATE! YOU ARE FREE! YOU ARE SOVEREIGN! YOU ARE DIVINE WILL! YOU ARE DIVINE LOVE! Keep seeing everything from the eyes of Source, ALL PERFECT! That’s how we collapse these lower REALities! HUGE ENERGIES today & all week! HUUUUGE!!

LOVE ALL OF CREATION JUST LIKE SOURCE DOES! And keep going further within 💖


Remember to rest when called to support the alchemical process our bodies are going through! Lots of nature, grounding / earthing helps and lots and lots of good quality water is a must!

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Infinite Love, Miracles & Blessings,

Ramona ❤


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