New Galactic Message For The 144 Channeled by Ria Aurora Athena Ash & Zane

New Galactic Message for the 144 . ❤️🙏🏽💯

Greetings dearest Ones

I Am Commander Ash’Tar’Ka’ree … with my brother …. Na’Ka’Tek”a”Puno and We greet you from the Jupiter Command….

( Questions we get asked )

Are we real !!!!!!!

Yes, at your human understanding we will explain. !!!

I Ash’Tar’Ka’ree

With my brother Na’Ka’Tek”a”Puno who is a former Earth based human ‘

We are indeed real ( physical Adam Kadmon) universal hu’man .

We just operate at a capacity of higher consciousness , a higher frequency of vibration and a higher density than yourself.. .

We ‘ our atoms vibrate higher than most humans ‘ and carry more light than humans ( light beings ) but Physical………

Many of us choose to project ourselves from the Oversoul ( Monad) Or Master brain at the etheric level )

into a physical form to experience as soul …. or duplicate projections of the self ‘ ..

From the Monad …for ( Soul growth ) in multiple dimensions.

For example:

When ascension occurs Throughout creation, many beings are united into (one being ) on a higher plane.

These beings gather together into the service of the One.

We are called “projections” Or Aspects Of The Monad ….

We are under the direct control of the brain system Oversoul Monad “ in the etheric realm ” because there is no physicality in the etheric higher dimensions past 9th destiny .

Each of us beings amalgamate ‘ and are able to work on our own Individualised monad Emanation ‘ from the brain system of the master being or cosmic Oversoul Consciousness .

We are much more tied together than in the human experience , for example, where fragmentation Of The Oversoul has occurred….

We are almost duplicates of the master being Oversoul . … Almost like cloning but it’s projections or aspects of self … That Projects itself into multiple bodies whether physical or nonphysical.

Etheric cloning”, you may say( but we are projections’ aspects essences ‘ life streams….. we are plural !

The Oversoul of this Master being or energy can send projections of its self to many, many parts of the Universe and there are many of us ‘ because it is again multiplying by the Magical Alchemical number of (twelve ) every time there is a change.

The amounts of projections or aspects escalate by the time you get to the Eighth & Ninth Dimension.

So …. for this Ascension Of The Solar system of planets .

We can Project into physical forms to experience Lower densities below ninth density of duality from a higher perspective… and we can manifest many things with our minds….

So yes we are (real in form )

… we to have Subtle bodies where were are able to access and project our subtle bodies into the multiple etheric realms simultaneously at the same …

hence the expression multidimensional …..

(As ‘ thought 💭 is the fastest way to travel throughout creation…

It is through this process in communication that I would like to deliver a message from the Jupiter Command & Ashtar command .

(Galactic information)

For there is much change afoot and things may become a little unsettled as the dark ones fight for their last breath of air, for yes, as dear brother St Germain has said “the illusion is over” and it is only those that try to keep it running that makes it appear as it if it is still functioning, it is all a game dear ones and a game the dark ones play well.

But they know their days are finished , the illusion that they strengthened has collapsed and they are so afraid of people waking up to this that they will do what they can to keep it functioning, keep people in a state of ignorance and sleep.

But sleep no more! Just as you also say sheep no more!

It Is time for many to wake up now dear hearts, it is a time of justice for those who are fighting the battle.

what I would like to do is take you on a little journey, a Journey to a place called Jupiter and what it has to offer.

For there is much happening here, much more than the human eye can see, for you see, Jupiter is of a higher vibration, well, the civilisation on Jupiter is, and yes there is a civilisation on Jupiter, just as there is a civilisation on Venus and many other planets that the cabal would have you think are uninhabited.

They have done a good job at pulling the wool over your eyes.

But it is time to let that go and as you begin to expand your consciousness and allow for these ideas and concepts to be a part of your reality, much will be revealed to you.

For there is so much to learn, relearn and remember.

That is the phase you are about to begin, a deeper remembrance, a remembrance of who you are, where you have been and what you are here to do.

You may be a part of the Jupiter Command and those that reside on Jupiter and you may also be part of those who reside on Venus. & many more plants.

There is so much just waiting for you to discover.

But know that these civilisations I speak of will not be seen with the human eye, well not in its current state anyway.

For these civilisations vibrate at a much higher rate and therefore are not perceivable with the human eye.

You must expand your third eye to be able to see into these places, see into these realities.

So much awaits you dear ones, and just as I have journeyed from earth to Jupiter and then become a part of the Jupiter Command & The Ashtar Command

, you too shall be able to do this when the time is right.

Go for a look in your Astral body and know that what-ever you perceive is right for you.

Dear one, what you will find is the civilisation on Jupiter consists of many different beings from around the Galaxy and the Universe, there is not an original civilisation from Jupiter, but more of a congregation from all over the place, it is more of an outpost, a civilisation of those who wish to watch over the earth and her peoples, and so it is an energetic civilisation, meaning those that are living on Jupiter some have a physical body and some don’t .,,,

and just as you have just seen the beautiful Auroras on Jupiter, that is part of the comings and goings of the very high vibrational beings and ships that come here, it is also when we send energy to earth and anchor it into the planet, the different colours you can see is what is it’s purpose,

just as dear brother St Germain helps create the beautiful Violet Aurora ,

you see, …. many other beings help create the other beautiful colours you see.

So, know that as you begin to remember your trips here you will begin to have a better understanding, a better concept of this.

So what is it that we of the Jupiter Command do? Well we assist you and dear Mother Gaians .

We have watched over you for a very long time and have become quite fond of your human slang and the many rhymes, as you know, dear brother St Germain has a thing for human rhymes, all the time!

How am I doing? For your human funny sayings … as we dearly love your Wonderful rhyming human words…..

Anyway he he he 😂😂😂..

What I have come forth today to say, is you tell us in your Nightly travels ‘ that many of you feel stuck, as if you are not doing enough or that you have more to give.

And what I say to that is tish tosh ! ( in your human slang …. 😂

You are in the exact spot, doing exactly what you need to be doing and that is why you feel stuck at the moment, because currently you are being invited to rest as much as you can, but many of you feel that to rest is to not do enough ‘ and that is simply not true beloveds …..

It is through resting and keeping a low profile, ….. how’s that for slang? 😂

That you allow and let these energies integrate and settle into you bodily system.

Know, that there is so much happening now, and that because the outer reality seems to be in a state of conflict and chaos, that you feel there is more you should and could be doing, but what we want to convey, and I say we, as all of us in the higher realms will tell you the same thing, that resting and integrating these energies, is the best thing you can be doing for not only yourself, but also for dear Mother Gaia and her peoples.

It is as you integrate these energies that you are able to radiate more of your light,

know that this time will come and it is almost here, but for now ‘ those of you reading this message and who have been on this path for quite some time,

is rest Whilst you acclimate these intense wonderful energies coming from your Central sun through your Solar logos .

And so dear hearts, I ask you, we ask you, to please take it easy on yourselves, be in joy and love just by resting and take time out,

Netflix and chill! ( more Earth Vernacular he he 😂😌😌

Or watch some good documentaries, ones that will help expand your thinking,, execute the synapsis in your brains to operate at a capacity of love …

but also remember that if your consciousness is already raised,

it cannot be lowered, .. only vibration can be lowered, not your overall consciousness.

And so, in resting and just holding a vibration of unconditional love, joy and happiness for yourself and all, you can achieve so much more than going out and trying to force changes or force things to happen.

As you have been told, be in the flow of life of The Now ‘

and all will present itself to you in the perfect Divine Time.

I am Ash’Tar’Ka’Ree With my beloved brother …

Na’Ka’Tek’A’Puno and We leave you now with this information in the hope that it will help trigger some of your memories and return to you that which has only been forgotten, not lost, just forgotten.

blessings beloveds and to say keep it groovy beloveds ….

be in joy and Laughter…. 😂……

Channelled by

Ria Aurora Athena Ash & Zane