Ascension Energies -Amanda Lawrence 6/5/19


The three days of receiving incoming energies to Gaia and humanity has been the strongest energetic so far since 2012. It has to build. Even more than this. So that we become stronger, more capable of receiving even MORE to our physical bodies.

It always takes 3 days to integrate incoming energy within the physical cellular vessel.

June equals big shifts yet of individual nature.

In forgetfulness and separation, we were at the mercy of our human emotions. We cleared relentlessly, to balance the human, re-pattern, neutralise. And so we mastered our choice of what emotion we wished to experience in any Now moment.

Yet NOW, we move a step further to our true essence…NOW, instead of choosing an emotion, we choose a TONE. Truly we choose which TONE we wish to be. The TONES are pure and available.

We are ENERGY NOW, with a human form. Increasing our abilities to interact AS an energy state, WITH other energy states. And it’s just the start of this. We are awareness of our solid human body and also our non solid light body. With increased sensitivity to our solid 5 senses.

Amazing times and shifts through June.

One Love

Amanda Lorence

5 June 2019

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