Exciting Times… Ramona Lappin 6/3/19


This past week especially I’ve been feeling very unmotivated to do much at all. Little focus, tired, little energy, depressed, resting in the BEingness, observing the deep purification taking place, not sure where I’m going. Knowing what I want but not sure how to get there followed by almost giving up on even that which I have wanted for so long. I feel many of us have been feeling a bit stuck and not very focused or at least not really knowing what’s next. May has been tough, but so have the past many years. Not feeling inspired as we’ve been working through soooo much heavy karmic energy lately, especially since the past full moon in Scorpio. I do believe this had a lot to do with the death and rebirth we have been or some of us are still going through. And on this journey we truly die and are reborn continuously, bit by bit a dying of the old self as the new emerges. Yet this year and the passage we’re in now is HUGE!! It’s a hugely transformational time for us ALL, within and without. The only difference is the awareness and what stage we’re personally at. Remember, this is not a race to some destination, it’s a journey of expansion of consciousness that never ends. It is eternal!

I feel for many of us it’s now butterfly season 😉 out of the cocoon and off we fly with our cosmic rainbow wings!

We often talk about surrender on this journey and that’s exactly what I did. Surrendering to the Energies, not forcing anything at all just BEing with it, with all that came up as part of the deep clearings and letting it be ok not to be doing anything much. Besides not doing anything much is the opposite of the truth that we were and are doing most important and exhausting work ( partly why we feel exhausted and tired) of clearing these ancient timelines and activating new organic ones so we may proceed without the constant push backs and interferance. Also much is transforming in our body as our multi-dimensional DNA activates to the next level along with our Lightbodies. So much being worked on in dream time too so our waking hours can be easier. If we don’t rest or sleep enough we often have to deal with more in our waking hours.

Surrender is trusting I will know what to do when in perfect timing. For me, surrender is letting go and trusting all will work out in the end. It’s about not trying to control or manipulate any situation, person, aspirations. It’s about flowing with what presents at any given now moment. We keep taking step by step, often not knowing where the next step will lead us but that’s exactly the point! I feel many of us feel a bit stuck from time to time as in we don’t really know where we’re going. To let that be ok and trust we will receive inner guidance in perfect Divine Timing. Or we will have enough money at any given moment, as and when it’s needed. Sometimes for me surrendering is like giving up just without really fully giving up lol.. This whole journey is a lot about having TRUST, FAITH, BELIEVE & SURRENDER! The opposite of what we’ve learned.

Trusting that everything is going to be ok and will work out for us in Divine Timing is the opposite to the control we learned and was programmed into us. That whatever is meant for us won’t pass us by. Not having all of our ducks in a row anymore. Besides, security is part of the illusion. There is always something that could happen to our house, finances, car, loved ones etc. There is no way we can control it all. The only thing we can master (I don’t like the word control anyway) is how we react to any given situation.

We are to flow with the Energies at all times! We are transcending time, space and gravity with Ascension and becoming Superhumans through the activation of our multi-dimensional DNA. Activating our multi-dimensional gifts and abilities and souls knowing and wisdom again. So let go of the to do list as much as possible. Don’t be linear, FLOW with the energies. Remember you can’t control your life but you can master it. Create from a place of inspiration and joy not because you feel you have/ need/ should do, because you need the money or because people will love it and you want the approval of others. Create for the love of Creating! This is when we access the super consciousness field of infinite possibilities! Already, after feeling rather blah these past few days in particular and not knowing what to create or do next, nor the interest or energy to think about it, I have several super awesome people pop up and ideas are being birthed within hours. The inspiration is back and better than before. I know that ideas will come to me, I don’t have to force or brain storm them. I can feel how it’s all flowing towards us, we don’t have to chase or force anything. It is after all, my soul and Source dreaming and creating through me!! I am the tool and the vessel and a willing co-creator. The only prerequisite is to have fun with it, it has to come from inspiration, from our heart, for it to feel exciting and joyful!

So after letting go at a very deep level of any want or need to be doing anything other than the necessary day to day things these past days I finally feel the fog is truly lifting. After working on moving the heavy energies around new moon time today I’ve been given the msg that the New Organic Timelines have now fully anchored and the latest Quantum Leap Shift is complete. Of course there’s always more but a lot of the heavy lifting is behind us now. Old and inorganic timelines will continue to collapse as the new ones activate and there’s a BIG SHIFT in the energies. It’s forward momentum time (FINALLY!) after a challenging first part of this year and we’re only just getting started!!

Lets make it magical!!

Excited I AM 😁💖🌈💙🌎🌞💎💛✨

Infinite Love, Miracles and Blessings,

Ramona 💖


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