Energy Update – Ramona Lappin 6/4/19


Phew, immense Energies today (Tues). Tired but wired to the max. Felt like being electrocuted at times, much mental energy, tension, ungrounded, very high energies, feeling neither here nor there, anxiety, nausea, dizziness… Not much sleep last night (Mon). Moving our physical body helps transmute and integrate this huge influx of light! Rest when called and lots of water! There’s a continuous clearing of third eye/ head especially & throat chakras. Neck pain, flu type aches and pains.

There is much happening with the balancing of & between the masculine and feminine energies on many levels. Much of it playing out in relationships but also energetically and on soul level. Much karmic density and stories continue to being resolved. Old inorganic Timelines continue to collapse at record speed now and a new level of Lightbody and Multi-dimensional DNA Activations are taking place.

This is a good time to use your energetic protection (this is really a daily must in my view to cultivate and build up a sovereign energetic field) and purify, purify, purify. I will repost the 12D shielding technique from Lisa Renee on my page after this post along with further information on how to maintain sovereign energetic field.

I’ve been aware all day that there’s a ‘fight’ going in between the light and the false light/ negative forces. This translates also at times to us being attacked in the physical or energetically, entities attaching to us and /or in our energetic space or to people around us that then attack us. This has been going on at an intensified level for the past 6 weeks aprox. This is because they are absolutely desperate as we’re at this pivotal tipping point of the Collective Ascension and our Manifestations and organic timelines fully anchoring. They’re trying to delay things as usually but are not successful!!! Today (important day for Manifestations so put your dreams on paper and bless them and give gratitude for them being fulfilled!) / this week (always) is an important energetic time to stay in our Power, Unconditional Love, Compassionate Detachment, Purity of Intend and in Highest Integrity!

If you’re someone who feels targeted, this entity removal decree by Lisa Renee is very effective. Say it from a place of no fear, anger, frustration but COMMAND

it with much conviction. YOU/ WE’VE GOT THE POWER!! WE DO THIS!! Remember there’s nothing to fear!! At another level of perception/ dimensional viewpoint, these are like our shadow aspects. So don’t judge, resist or deny. All shadows are to be integrated before we can release them. But releasing them we must, that’s what we came here for!! We can’t take this energy into a New Earth exsistence. DISCERNMENT IS ABSOLUTE KEY!!

Lisa Renee’s Entitity Removal decree:

“When sensing an dark attachment or shadow body attempting to be passing through the human lightbody stargate portal, it is helpful to recognize if it is an entity that exists outside of the spiritual self, that has attached to your energy field. If this is the case, it is helpful to read the entity attachment its rights, in order to request spiritual support for release and to help transit the fallen entity gestalt or spiritual attachment to its proper time and space continuum.

Reading the Impostor Spirit its Rights

(12D Shield and then intend to open Entity Transit portal – feel if this is guided and appropriate.)

I have created a container to contain these entities and Impostor spirit energies and I now address them fully:

All entities and Impostor spirits involved in this mind controlled program and its polarity game are claimed in their God-given rights:

You have the right to self-determine.

You have the right to your own sanity and to choose wholeness.

You have the right to leave this mind control matrix and end this war game.

You have the right to choose and you are free in God’s Eternal Light.

You have two choices: to return to God’s Light or to a time-space continuum or space of origin. Please choose now. I command this space and my total being dedicated to the sacred self-sovereign forces of God in Christ’s authority, now.

Beloved God Forces, Holy Mother, Holy Father and our Avatar Christ Self please assist and transport any and all Imposter entities through all appropriate levels of transit as – Sovereign freedom consecrated to God Source with all intention now is chosen, thank you. I AM God, I AM Sovereign, I AM Free! Please seal and end our communication transit portal.

(End Entity transit portal command)

These are intense times of simultaneous spiritual activations and shadow clearings that can happen very rapidly. Reading the entity its rights will help to release the attachment from your lightbody, while offering the highest form of spiritual support and service that is intended for the highest good and mutual benefit for all that is involved. May it serve you well. ”




Tsunamis of Love, Miracles and Blessings,

Ramona πŸ’–


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