First Ascension Wave is Coming.

The first Ascension Wave is coming… It is as such FULLY released NOW.

It is here NOW, not even a joke.

This Wave is going to hit in the coming days. It will be seen as LIGHT by many, by ENERGY by some, and SOUND by some also.

All will experience this differently!

When it hits remain calm, do NOT worry about others. Tell others around (who are close) to remain calm also. It’s imperative that you do so as to BE pulled up Higher during the event.

The Angelic Realms will all BE assisting, as will I on many levels.

I wanted to make a Meditation / DNA Healing for major upgrades before the Shift for all that read and listen. The Meditation is linked at the bottom. Please heed the warning before listening as it’s extremely powerful.

Go into a deep Meditation when listening to the recording.

Connect to the Energies that are coming through.

This is a free Super Healing for all BEfore the Shift. Please, share far and wide. Post everywhere. I want All to benefit BEfore the Shift.

I LOVE you All ❤

~ Ross Shugar

Listen to Elohim Ode by Ross Shugar on;

Shared with LOVE ❤

Pars Kutay

~ ❤ ~

Photo: Lady Reflections… Incredible Shot of our Milky Way together with the Incoming Divine Light… captured over Senja Island, Norway by Adrien Mauduit.