KaRa – Revealings Are Coming Forward – Channeled by James McConnell – 7-4-19

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It is also a wonderful pleasure to be able to be with you, to share with you, to continue to help you experience all of those things that are not only coming, but are here now.

You are in theadvent,in the moments before.And yes, you have heard that before from many different sources.Many of us have been telling you this.Because there are those moments when everything is about to turn, and we see this coming.But then, in those last moments before, something occurs to put what you call ‘a monkey wrench’ in the works to stop it from happening.

And those, of course, are those ones that still continue to hold the dark forces within them, still continue to remain in the shadows as much as they can.But they cannot remain there much longer, for the light has shown upon them.And as the light continues…

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