The Solstice & Eclipse Gateway – Ramona Lappin


..has served as a strong Purification and Initiation window. I spent two weeks in a LOT of physical pain including a two week long ongoing migraine and tooth infection, followed by last week where I was just beyond the beyond tired along with mental and emotional releases. I had a couple of days where I couldn’t get up without feeling extremely dizzy. It’s been a drag to say the least. My 6 year old daughter is on school holidays so I dragged myself out a couple of days but it was truly challenging. All I could do was allow it to happen and not beat myself up for not being more active, loving myself through it all. She was also affected by these energies as a highly sensitive child and didn’t want to go out into the public herself. We know and remember that all ultimately serves us even physical pain as we move from carbon based beings to crystalline. Everything changes and change sometimes hurts.

Eclipse windows serve as a wormhole, a timeline shift window and a RESET. It has given us the opportunity to release a few truck loads of density in a very short window of linear time. Yet the intensity has driven us to the edges of our personal cliffs. We ended up going very deep within questioning everything. We remember it gets worst/ hardest/ dakest before the big breakthrough so this one is a big one. There was also a lot of mental fog and interferance that required clearing. That’s why personal energetic work such as energetic clearing and working with our DNA as well as energetic protection on a daily basis is soooo important during these times of great shifts and deep collective clearings. Doing this before we start our day makes all the difference in how the rest of the day unfolds. And if it’s extra heavy energy we spend some extra time with our energetic housekeeping or take more breaks throughout the day to reset our energy. It really makes all the difference!

We have been very busy in the astral so remember that whilst we sleep and rest we are actually working! We have also been busy releasing layers of negative thought patterns, programming, templating, conditioning and imprints from eons of time. The immensity of what has been released over the past few weeks and months alone is HUGE! This enables us now to quatum jump into a higher Ascension Timeline. I can truly feel and KNOW how the interferances have been removed to a sufficient level for us now to move forward freely and things we have been trying to manifest for some time to finally come to fruition. Peace agreements with the NAA have been finalized and all who did not sign/ agreed have/ are being removed to high security holding stations until their fate is being decided. No more delays.

We have been receiving huge downloads, DNA and Lightbody UPgrades along with these deep clearings. It’s like clearing out your house whilst moving in new furniture all at the same time. We’ve gone super quantum. A lot of old ancestral-and bloodline clearing has been ongoing. Sometimes we get a glimpse into what Timelines we are clearing, unifying and merging in this now but being fully aware of all of it would be too traumatic. When I get an insight into what is going on I understand the reasons for us not being fully aware of it all as it can also cause us reliving old traumas, which isn’t always necessary in order to heal. Having said that, last life regression can be very beneficial.

One thing is for sure, we’re ending a HUGE cycle of rather several as we’re also nearing the new galactic year of the Mayan calendar and Lions gate on 8.8. so a lot of karma from many incarnations has been clearing at personal and collective level. Past, present and future are truly merging in this now. We keep that which has worked and proven beneficial and discard all the old outdated ways of being, thinking, acting, believing and feeling. The true us emerges as a result. It is important to remember that we are not those old thoughts, feelings, bahaviors and beliefs, they were like clothes we tried on for a while because they’ve been given to us. Now we have figured out what our true taste is, what fits us and what doesn’t, which colors we prefer and go and chose the most authentic, colorful outfits that reflect who we truly are at soul level. All symbolically speaking. Just remember this when the old sticks out it’s head, just give it love, tell it to leave and give it no more attention than necessary. We make adjustments and give it all love so it may release once and for all. We forgive ourselves and all others that have been wronged along the way. We find true inner peace that is always available deep within no matter what the circumstances, once we have cultivated this.

Many of us that have already done their work will find a resolution and end to their karmic stories playing out, which is also in progress collectively, it’s like a collective roll out. We prepare the Energies which then roll out to the collective, it’s part of our job. We create new templates that then become available to others through the shared Collective field of Consciousness. Think 100 monkey effect.

As part of the Purification of Timelines and karmic density we have been given the opportunity to face our personal and collective shadows at a new deeper level. As we have to truly face our lower nature, acknowledge and integrate it so we can learn the lessons. So that the next time the same lessons come along we can finally make different choices as we have learned what is not beneficial. Lessons will keep coming around until we have fully understood the reasons for them and make the necessary adjustments. Otherwise we will have the familiar looping scenarios and we don’t need them anymore. It’s also important to understand that many of us have been targets (especially energetically) for those of negative agenda and overall as a collective have been heavily mindcontrolled and manipulated for eons, so the inorganic Timelines that have played out along with the very real struggle for survival has also been a result of manipulation. It’s not just all our own fault as such yet we get to claim our soveregnity, power and abilities again that enable us to break out of the false matrix to become consciouss co-creators again. Now is our time to truly break out of these old structures which are dissolving along with the veils at a very rapid rate. As we do this for ourselves we create new templates of being for everyone. The old structures falling apart affect everyone. That’s why it is so important to focus on what we are doing and not what others are you to. We influence ALL by being that example we wish to see more of in the world.

As these Eclipses have been in the North Node in Cancer (Solar Eclipse) which is the sign for the Mother Energies of the Zodiac, and the Lunar Eclipse is in Capricorn which symbolises the Father Energies, this Gateway has served in bringing more balance to these polarities. A lot of distorted programming has been released from both energetics to create more balance of our masculine and feminine energies within and without. A lot of shadow work has to take place for this to happen. Thank you to everyone facing theirs fully and authentically and no holding back even when it gets ugly and painful. It’s important we drop all attachment to identifying with our old personalities we used to try out so we can let the pure Divine Us arise. In truth we become empty and are filled with our true source self, free of our old stories that used to play on repeat. We are eclipsing old outdated behaviors for the New Divine HUman to arise like a Phoenix from the ashes. We surely have been feeling the burning of the old and are so worthy and ready to being born aNEW along with New Earth!! We are birthing New Earth through birthing our true authentic soul self!! Also this is not just affecting Earth but the whole Cosmos. Everything and everyone is interlinked and as we lift up, all of life is lifted up with us! That’s what is meant by ‘As within, so without. As the Universe so the soul.’

The immense UPgrades that have been occuring to our upper transmitter channels especially crown and third eye chakras along with throat and heart as well as a lot of lower chakra clearing, has kept us on our ascending toes. I have felt this huge amount of density and distortions in the field which I have been busy shifting and clearing collectively, along with many others doing this work. That’s really all I have been doing these past few weeks and although it’s not very tangible at times, I know there is no more sacred work than this! It’s been super heavy lifting as a LOT of Collective density and distorted frequencies cleared and it had to be done before this partial lunar eclipse. I know one of my main roles so far has been Collective Karmic Clearing. Good news is, new roles/ assignments will be coming online for many for us now over the coming qeeks so make a consciouss wish of how you would like to serve going forward. I for one am done with the heavy shifting and lifting part, as I know others are too, as I know Collectively we are at that important tipping point. There will be others taking over some of my work and that of others. Time for a promotion!

So as for the heavy collective clearings, without anything happening in my life I can feel a huge amount of all sorts of emotions that run through me to be transmuted. I’m not kidding when I say it’s hair rendering at times and can go very, very deep, just because as a highly sensitive empath I feel very deeply especially the collective pain. Let’s say there’s a big clearing of victim consciousness/ energy collectively I will have this come up for me energetically, sometimes of course it can also be connected to something in my life, to be transmuted back to love and purity. I know it’s part of my cellular imprinting or I couldn’t clear it. In doing this I also prepare the Collective field for the incoming Energies. So the more I am able to balance and transmute the incoming waves the easier it gets for all. This doesn’t mean that when we cry or scream or are angry or depressed that we can’t feel this. Oh no. Feeling and RELEASING this is crucial for transmutation otherwise something remains under the surface. We are here to purge it and let it arise but then alchemise it all. Yet whilst I feel it all deeply I am also able to remain the Observer and don’t believe the stories coming up for clearing, I don’t suffer along with the emotions. I can feel them yet I don’t descent into depths of despair. I honor them and listen to them as they wish to be heard and deserve to be heard. It’s a fine line we are all asked to walk when dealing with difficult energies arising. Every wound/ trauma needs a voice and needs to be acknowledged so all can be truly released. Once arisen and given love and acknowledged, we can release all these stories as they were only there to teach us what we came here to learn. Stories of low self worth, no hope, no belief in oneself, of blame, of shame and so many more. We just observe them knowing they are like an old movie, all made up, distortions and not the truth. We replace them with new mantras of hope, love and belief in ourselves and the future of HUmanity. We remember that our thoughts, words, feelings, actions and beliefs create our REALities and that we are now finally free to create without constant interferance and manipulation.

Last Thursday and Friday for example I felt huge waves of depression, loss and seperation energies, really intense, then I could observe others were going through it over the weekend, others again are yet to experience this at some stage but not as intense. I felt a huge positive upshift starting Saturday, FINALLY. Please remember we all have different roles and assignments and just because you’re going through more clearings than others doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong, something is wrong with you or that you have done so many horrible things in other incarnations. Also we often just experience these at different times. It just means you feel deeply and have been assigned to transmute a LOT. I’m just sharing this as at some point on Friday I was also wondering if there was something wrong with me because I had been feeling sooooo dizzy and heavy for many days and that even started me on questioning if this was only Ascension related and I’m doing this for years so I’m well used to the drill. A friend of mine also told me about super extra intense clearings and symptoms looking for reassurance that she wasn’t the only one, so we reassured each other by sharing what was going on for each of us which is exactly the point! We often feel we’re alone in this but we really aren’t.

Some of the ascension symptoms experienced lately have been nausea, dizziness, migraines, ear buzzing/ pain/ pressure, teeth/ jaw pain, appetite all over the place, exhaustion/ intense tiredness, physically feeling very heavy, body aches and pains, blurry vision, mind fog, forgetfulness, feeling ungrounded, on the other side bliss, expanded states of consciousness, feelings of ONEness, increase in psychic awareness.. The list goes on. We are required to take a lot of me time, do lots of self nurturing, going within time, rest and sleep when guided, drink extra water and time in nature assist, greens/ live filled foods, salt baths, essential oils, yoga, walks, relaxing music, binaural beats, Meditation, body work/ treatments, energy healing etc. It all supports!

So who else is ready for all the things they have worked so hard and long for, to finally become a reality?! I caaaaan’t heeeeeear youuuuu??!!!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‡

Let’s do this! The field today looked extremely sparkly, full of crystalline rainbow colours permeating Gaia and all of life here. Time to glow, sparkle and shine and show everyone how this is done! Imagine hearts and minds everywhere wide open πŸ’–

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Infinite Love, Miracles and Blessings,

Ramona πŸ’–



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