Channeled Message: The Galactic Federation Of Light – Jamie J Galactic Seer 7/16/19

Channeled message: The Galactic Federation Of Light

We have many messages to bring to you today, this is a great time to release all that is keeping you from reaching your highest potential. You can let go now, knowing that you are no longer stuck in a world that was based on materialistic things. NO longer stuck in a world of chaos, and authority that had no right to be in power.

You and all of humanity have made it passed the threshold, you have all made it passed the rainbow bridge over into another dimension! Some know this already, those that do not know feel something is different. All that have not been awake are finally awakened. Those that just awaekened are feeling this through physical symptoms, and emotional purges. This is good, your missions have been manifested for all of humanity feel the shift has been made. The shift and many other shifts are being done…you all are finally free!! Finally free to be here on your planet with out limits, with out restrictions, with Magic within you that has been released . Ths magic within humanity has been diverted from those that have for so long on this planet tried to take it and used it for selfish reasons to get what they wanted for power. Not anymore, this no longer can happen as we have guided and helped all of you succeed in breaking and dismantling the Matrix you know as the 3d world.

You all hold the keys, the keys to the golden rule as we are all One!! You are is, we are you, we are ONE!! There is no division!

Some would call this a realization, we call it TRUTH, it has always been this way, the saying of the truth will set you free, Yes your truth is you are all Galactic Beings from other planets, some are not known to you yet, but you feel different, unique, this is Why!!

Your DNA is accelerating, changing all the time. Do not worry about the Xtra weight as many of you are. Your true forms are taking shape. Your light is shining through, soon this weight will be lifted from all of you lightworkers, sand starseeds. The weight is there for your protection , and once you have integrated more of the codes coming through, and integrate your Galactic DNA, it will come off as if you never carried the weight in the 1st place.

Many of you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms, Male and female alike. This is a rebirth of your DNA. Of your new world, of your creative ideas, your manifestations are coming through you as a sign of birthing. Know that this is normal. Know that you are all going through this as more awakened ones wake up to this new realm.

Do not be hard on yourselves, as you and many others were the reason this Phenomena happened! The holding space of love for others helped to make this possible, to make this a priority, this needed to happen to save your planet, and save yourselves.

We heard you, we aided in your calling! We protect as you protect, again, we are you, you are us, we are ONE!

We leave you with one last thing :

Do take Care of yourselves!

Self care is Custom now!

Self care is prevalent and priority.

Self care is Self Love,

As you love yourselves, you send out love to others equally!!

We thank you for allowing us to give you this message.

We thank you for all you have done!

We are the Galactic Federation Of Light

After I channeled this , I saw Ashtar Command, and one of each:

Dragon, Lyran, Pleadian, Arcturian, Fish being, Seahorse, Blue Avian, Andromdean, Sirian…

I heard the council of 12, this is what I was shown and told.