SAINT GERMAIN – MANKIND RETURNS TO THE LIGHT – 10-11-19 – courtesy of Saint Andrews Twin Flame

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Beloved child! So this day and the moment have come when we can reach each other. We can communicate again as in the past. Your heart speaks directly to mine and can perceive the message from me. I wipe the tears of movement out of my eyes and smile with happiness.

Finally,the time has comefor the peopleof the Earthto ascendto the Light.You have all come out of the Lightand will now be brought back to this. Theevent / shift is here my Beloved Friends.Everythingandeveryonein theUniverseis affected by this magnificent event,from the smallest creep to the crowd of Archangels.This is a miracle of God,the first of its kind.Mankindreturns to the Lightinits physical bodies!

You have beenunbelievably courageous,enduringand strong in your hard work.Since I have been walking on Gaia myself, I know a little about the weight, the inertia and the illusion there.I have only lived there…

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