Crystal- The Energetic Alchemist Update 8/18/19

After a few days of calmer energy, you are going to see it begin to really amp up again. It will peak between the 21st-22nd. This energy we have been in since the winter solstice has been very intense and life changing. When this coming wave fully arrives around the 20th it is going to leave many feeling vulnerable, Raw and more exposed than is comfortable. Staying in our heart and reminding ourselves of this new space we are in and how important it is to love ourselves in this space and begin to explore the NEW higher expressions of who you are. There is no going back. If one wants to feel good they will have to do whatever tools they have learned to keep themselves on top of these waves. We have entered a new timeline and the density of the light we are moving into is like nothing we have ever seen. Your energy field and body will need all of your attention to maintain stability. We are the foundation of new earth. The way we hold our hearts during these times of change, will be the energetic basis for moving into a collective 5th Dimensional experience. We have been prepared ❤️

I love you so much