Planetary Clearing 8/24/19 via Brittany Evans

Some of you know, I offer Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions. In tonight’s session my clients guides came through to share a message regarding the burning of the Amazon Forest. This is what they said..

“The chaos and destruction that you see happening all over the world, is Gaia ( the earth) cleansing her lands of the dense negative energies that have accumulated over time. The fires, earthquakes and hurricanes have been clearing and purifying her planetary body from the evil that has taken place .What you are seeing is a purge. The earth goes through cycles of change and you are in one now. Gaia knows what she is doing, she is birthing a new world, in order to do that, some destruction is NEEDED. For those that have been involved in these events, have agreed to these experiences prior to incarnating. Gaia will no longer tolerate those entities that trespass her and her children.”