Michael Kavanagh – Background History

(As always please use discernment)

Many years ago, I did business with various “Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs” pertaining to drugs and guns for Central Intelligence. Most folks have no idea how sneaky the government can be at times! My “Gemstone Files” from the early 1970s did cover “The Hippie Culture” in San Francisco which was a CIA PsyOp turning “The Kids” on with LSD. Here comes the sun and Beatles which was the creation of British Intelligence. Nothing is what it seems in this world. Jim Morrison was Military Intelligence as were Frank Zappa. The Entertainment Industry is a CIA-Mossad Operation. The Hip Hop Culture and “Rap Music” have a weird background too. As a young fellow I grew-up in East L.A. and Compton. My friends from school became leaders of the Mexican Mafia, Bloods and Cripps. They too, would be used by the Intelligence Services moving drugs and guns in “The Hood”. Very dirty business. It generated billions of dollars with no paper trail. Money that would be used for other covert activities. It was a very strange period in my life. Most of my stories do come from experience as I didn’t eat one apple but the whole tree! Wisdom does come at a great price! I was bouncing around all over America “Taking Care of Business” rubbing elbows with Thugs, Organized Crime, Outlaw Bikers, Movie Stars, and Military Intelligence. Loved every minute of it too! But I knew something was missing from my life and began to study “The Secret Teachings”. My spiritual journey began in India studying all the Masters of the East. Then moved on to the Western Teachings. Became a Freemason and studied the Kabbalah for about 10 years. Thought Crowley an interesting study but did not support his teachings. Came in contact with the O.T.O. but they too didn’t have their shit together and decided to pursue other mystical channels of learning. Had my first contact with Reptilians in 1969 while living in San Francisco. L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology is another Covert Operation controlled by Naval Intelligence. MK-Ultra and Cloning. Tim Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, and myself, were given the task to introduce “The Conspiracy Theory” into the mind of the masses as the “First Stage” regarding “Disclosure” and preparing folks for a major shift in terms of “New Science & Technology”. Hello Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Both were cloned. Behind closed doors the Intelligence Community owns many of the big names in industry including certain computer companies like Apple and Microsoft. Facebook is an Intelligence Operation as well. The more I looked into the Abyss the more weird stuff I would come across. Sometimes it was fun and other times rather scary! Many “Light Workers” are Covert Intelligence Operatives. Aug Tellez does address this psychology for those interested and Sgt. Donald J. Potts provides good links for further information about the Matrix bullshit! Each of us have a job to do on different levels. Back in the late 1980s, I wrote the Armageddon Programs for RAND and they’re coming to an end. The little Hobbits must decide what sort of future they would like to enjoy? MOM is pissed! and enough is enough! The Beast 666 Matrix is a trap keeping people inside a “False Gravity Fence” connected to the “Space Time Continuum” and the “Cube of Saturn” which is a program that feeds the “Ego Virus”. It’s your “Electrical Signature” that opens doors and windows to another dimension beyond 3-D Programming. The coming “Great Event” is connected to the “Culling”. Some will stay and others move on to a New World. GOD always win! Because “Creation is Perfect” whether you can understand that or not! 5G Technology is upon you! Global warming the result of massive electrical activity. Human DNA is mutating. Back in the early 1950s, I underwent some serious MK-Ultra Programming at Disneyland in California preparing me to be a “Super Thug” for the Intelligence Services. Beta Delta Training. My sister became a “Star Ruby” sex slave for the Elite and Bob Hope was her handler. She’s now dead from a broken heart. My brother went to an early grave because it was too much for him as well. I survived and became a Crew Chief running various operations here in America. My 10 years in the USMC prepared me for things to come in terms of being a manager so to speak running crews and gathering intelligence. My MSO was Military Intelligence during the Vietnam War gathering information about student unrest on Universities, as well, as keeping a sharp eye on certain people in the Civil Rights Movement. When MLK started telling the Brothers not to fight in the Vietnam War it was decided to kill him in the interest of National Security. Charlie Manson and “The Family” put an end to the “Hippie Movement” with the False Flag of killing of Sharon Tate. Nobody died! Poor Charlie a Mind Control Pawn. And, it was Jesse Jackson that walked MLK out onto the balcony so a CIA contract killer could punch his ticket! Almost everything you thought to be factual or real is not true! The NFL is a government operation and its nothing more than “Fake Reality TV”. Fuck the Super Bowl Nonsense! Washington DC is another “Fake Reality TV Show”. The little Hobbits apparently still believe in Santa! Or is it really Satan? Each thought connected to “Reality Programs”. Nothing is true and everything is permitted, said the Old Man of the Mountain. JFK fakes his death part of the Cold War nonsense with Castro (CIA) running Cuba for “The Boy’s”. Move the party from Cuba to Las Vegas. Keep the money inside America. The Mob is another arm of the CIA and the Vatican. Pope Francis is not human. The Society of Jesus hides a profound secret in relation to the Reptilians. Should I tell more? What about “Children of the Rainbow Program”? Or “Star Seed Children”? Back in 1950, I belonged to the Mickey Mouse Club, which was a program for young children to be trained for future assignments. My level of intelligence was much greater than most kids and learned to increase awareness beyond the mundane affording me an advantage when doing business with evil people. Triple X Programming.