Energy Update via Pars Kutay 9/27/19


There are many temporary Timelines jumping around and there is One solid Timeline that We are moving along steadily at this point.

The temporary Timelines are those timelines of change that is happening but the Time is Not yet settled.

And the Main Timeline is the Timeline of Change for it is inevitable Now that we are moving forward rapidly with Significant Changes.

So the smaller Timelines are offshoots of the larger more steady Timeline of Change.

So, there are releases of information and this releases belong to minor timelines as these dates are somewhat fluid and can still change within a couple of months.

In other words, there is a variable of several months of time which various information is planned to be released and it can be changed by up to several months.

This steady Timeline regarding Change on our planet Earth has much to do with what is happening in our Financial systems and in our Government systems… and of course you Know these are deeply entrenched and inter-related.

There is also much disclosure regarding what has been hiding in our Financial and Government systems… And again this information is hiding to most and for some of you reading this is no surprise.

We will be seeing a bit more in our mainstream news media revelations about what has been going on behind the scenes.

With our Equinox what is occurring and will be occurring is a collapsing Timelines meaning that there a Plan… a Great Blast of LIGHT coming to our planet to Assist in smoothing out the Timelines in stabilizing the energies while also flushing out shadow forces and shadow energies.

Some of us will feel this as a intense time, some of us will feel these energies very intensely. Those of you who have been addressing your shadow will feel a Great Boost… You may feel more Energized… You may feel more Strength.

And those of you who has been avoiding your shadow may feel some discomfort… for this will be a Great amount of Light indeed.

But the function of this LIGHT will be to Serve in lessening the chaos of the Timeline energies described above. This minor Timelines that have been jumping around will come into Greater Resonans with the Main Timeline.

This Blast of LIGHT is a Significant Wave that is coming directly from Great Central Sun as well as many Galactic sources and it is Benevolent in nature. It is meant to Serve and to Help… It is meant to Calm the chaotic Timelines.

So, in some levels it will feel Good and even Calming the Nervous system and on the other levels it may feel julting again if you have resisted addressing anything in your Life that needs to be address.

Those things that need to be addressed will become lauder to gain your attention.

After the Equinox Spike of Energy there will be a period of rearranging, a period of time to rewiring your brain.

Your Nervous system to change the way you think… to release any thought patterns that do Not serve for the Highest and the Greatest Good for All and the Energies will be assistive for this type of process of Re-Aligning to more of your Truth, to more of your SOUL and to more of your Higher SELF.

In Sacred LOVE and Unity,

Pars Kutay

~ 💜 ~

Photo: A Natural Display of such Magnificence of Alignment with the incoming Divine Energies … captured over Greenland by Paul Zizka Photography