Message from the Pleiadians via Andrew Charles 9/26/19

The Pleiadians would like to share with you from their perspective about the year coming up to 2020. Well this is a big year coming and many changes are coming.

Of course there are always changes happening we are going to share with you of the year major changes that we see coming. Water will be an issue. Water is going to be key in this coming year. Don’t underestimate water.

Especially water as far as flooding is concerned. Too much water, too little water, extremes around water we are seeing. But it’s really going to be important to make sure that you tune in to Mother Earth and listen to where the water is going to be, because Mother Earth is transmitting messages all the time.

There is information for you out there all the time and you will need to find ways of tuning in to it and that’s going to be your challenge. This coming year is to tune in to mother Earth messages. Listen carefully, watch the animals and listen to the trees, listen to the skies and listen to the earth.

Even put your ear to the earth from time to time. You’d be amazed that the messages of information you can learn. You’ll be guided as to where to live, which room to sleep in, which room to eat. Ask! You’ll find yourself being moved.

We know it sounds strange to some of you, but you know it’s time to get over strangeness. Yes, it’s strange, but it’s time to reduce your inflammatory responses to what seems strange or odd. You’re always trying to fit in, trying to compromise.

You’re trying to find ways to feel comfortable around other people. Don’t look for that. Don’t look for comfort anymore. Not in that way that you used to do. Each one of you has got something special that cannot be compared to another.

You are constantly being guided and all you have to do is ask for the diamonds. Many of you asked ‘how can I tune in with the Pleiadians?’ Well, we’re all around you. We’re in that space that you think is empty, which of course is not empty. It’s teeming with life, with things that you cannot perceive with your five senses. And you’ll be awakening other senses. You’ll be awakening other abilities, other antenna are coming to life.

Begin to think of yourself as an insect with antennae coming out of your head, looking really like the ET that you really are. You’ve got a lot more antennae than you give yourself credit for. You think you’ve got just eyes and ears. But there is so much more. And we want you to begin to tune into that now. Living near water, swimming, being in warm water, showering, bathing, these are all good things for softening your energy field. Anything to do with water is good to heal you quickly. Water is a quick way of healing

🔮The Pleiadians