Michael Kavanagh 9/25/17 Repost

Re-posting Michael Kavanagh from 9-25-17.


Back in the early 1970s, I began writing my “Gemstone Files” which pertained to a secret organization that controlled everything with apparently no regard for humans!

—The more I investigated into the “Rabbit Hole” chasing my friend Alice the more weird shit I discovered blowing my mind!

—My Scottish Rite OSS Grandfather would tell me interesting stories about German Intelligence.

—As a young boy, I was educated by Germans.

—Went to a private military school for boys and underwent serious MK-Ultra Training at Disneyland in the early 1950s that prepared me for my future assignments running crews for the CIA here in America regarding drugs, guns, doing business with outlaw bikers, organized crime, and other strange people.

—Knew about the “Bush Connection to Tesla”.

—Operation Paperclip makes for a good study for those interested in the “CIA Connection to Tesla and Aliens”.

—This story is part of the “Manhattan Project” and STARGATE Technology that Tesla helped developed and controlled by MJ-12 and the NSA.

Twin Towers and the events of 9/11 are indeed connected to this story and PORTALS.

—They were using nuclear explosions to rip a hole in the fabric of the “Space Time Continuum” because they couldn’t find way to get through the “Dome” and decided to find another way beyond this Beast 666 Holographic Matrix Model in which everyone hated! —Escape this “Prison Planet”!

—The Illuminati Code Books were closely guarded by High Degree Freemasons.

The Bush Family last name is really Scherff and Trump’s last name is really Drumpf.

Both are German Jews which is another “Cover Story” hiding the “True Identity of Aliens” running around appearing to be human but their not!

Some think Tesla was murdered but I’m not so sure about that story because Tesla was not human and considered to be the “Father of Modern Day Physics.”

—Almost everything you enjoy in this 21st Century regarding computers, spaceships, can be traced to the Intelligence Community and Tesla scientific researches.

At the end of World War II, German Intelligence relocates to the United States becoming the CIA.

Last month, President Donald J. Trump-Drumpf activated a Global Surveillance System connected to A.I. and the “Mapping of the Human Domain”.


—And, all over this world people are experiencing very weird weather that science claims never been seen before in modern times! Chemtrails and all that shit!

—People are experiencing the MANDELA AFFECT and SHIFTING TIMELINES wondering if they’re crazy!

—Been there a few times myself.

—Who would believe “Back to the Future” could, in point of fact, be another REALITY PROGRAM in MATRIX?

The US Military does have “Jump Rooms” for Intelligence Agents to bounce around and take a “Look at Things”.

–I had been trained with “Rainbow Programs” so I could see and understand the GOD Codes.

—Each Code is connected to a “Thought Process” in relation to the “Human Subconscious Mind” that is the DOORWAY to NIGHTSIDE of EDEN enabling one to communicate with Inter-Dimensional Intelligence’s.

—We call this BLACK MAGICK. Meaning, the OWL PROGRAMS can and do see in the dark.

—Of course, corruption became the norm because of the EGO VIRUS.

The “Anunnaki Bloodline” corrupted human DNA with “Serpent Science & Technology”.

—13 Illuminati Families run this world!

—You see them above the “Head of the American Eagle” on the Great Seal which you were told represent the “Original 13 Colonies” in history books.

—The “Boston Tea Party” was a Masonic Operation.


The Entertainment Industry is a CIA-Mossad Operation which they use to control and manipulate the human thought processes by “Inserting Demon Programs” hereto why all the movies with war and terror themes.

—Think about recent movies concerning global disasters and take a look at the news today what do you see?

—Did you folks like Bruce Willis in the movie “The 12 Monkeys”?

—He was a “Time Traveler” attempting to get information that might save humanity from a Global Virus.

—The virus, of course, is a “Mind Parasite” they use on the human population with great success.

Ascension means you’re waking from “Deep State Mind Control Programs” understanding perhaps for the first time that life is but a dream.

—Hence Hollywood movie studio called DreamWorks Productions with foundering fathers Steven Spielberg, Jeffren Katzenberg, and David Geffen (October 12, 1994).

Shall we say hello to J.P.Morgan Securities and Walt Disney Studios too!

—All are connected to each other, as well, as Touchstone Pictures which is another “Front Company” for the CIA.

—World War II, was a very clever Intelligence Operation on many levels.

Hitler and Walt Disney are one and the same person!

—Fuck Mickey Mouse!

—Targeted group are your children!

—Disney Productions and the “Piped Piper Programs”.

—You people asked me for disclosure didn’t you?

—When I tell you Hollywood is loaded with “Fake Humans & Clones” you better be paying attention!

President Trump-Drumpf just came back from Camp David and we have a “Human Cloning Facility” there when the President needs a “Fresh Makeover”.

Many Inter-Dimensional Beings need new bodies as this “Organic Realm” is hard on them to get around because this world is carbon based and they don’t like it!

NOTE: Berg is German meaning a “Mountain” which is a code name for the “Pyramid with the All Seeing Eye”.

Hence Steven Spiel-BERG and Mark Zucker-BERG are members of “The Club”.

Spiel-BERG….Spiel casts a spell entertaining the little Hobbits with “Fantasy Programs”.