Judith Kusel Restored Galactic Keys 10-01-19

I have been made aware in the last 24 hours or so, of new and higher frequency tones and chords being returned to planet earth. She is being tuned in galactically and some of the lost chords, sounds and tones are being returned, as the sound keys and codes are being returned.

These have to do the 33 octaves of sound, which originally were created into the 33 vertebra of the earth’s spinal column, and as the earth shifting deeper into the 5D, these new/ancient songs will be returned and those who are tuned in, will start hearing them with the inner ears, and inner hearing. Some will be able to transmit these into new and much higher frequency music and tones.

I am so excited about this!

The Ancient Egyptians used music and chanting in all their energy work and knew the power of sound. Sound was used for levitation, healing and in immensely powerful ways to bring about the much higher altered state.

The Rishis from India brought us the powerful Universal mantras and chants, as they tuned into these through deep meditation.

Pythagoras taught about the power of sound and music.

The Ancient Greek Mystery Schools of Dionysus and Orpheus taught that music is the key to the Universe and all Universal life!

We are now literally being tuned in to a much higher degree, and as the sound frequencies and vibrations increase on planetary and galactic levels, so will be be tuned into the 5D, more and more.

Judith Kusel