You are not from Earth via Stephanie Sarten October 1st 2019

The reason extra terrestrial life is hidden from you as classified information.

Is because you are not from Earth.

Earth was created to be a galactic living library.

It is located in the center as the heart of the universe where all species could come and share information etc.

Earth is the Akashic records.

The matrix was an experiment on how to store information in different bands of frequency.

The Human Species was created with DNA that corresponds to each frequency band.

Your DNA was designed to store Information along with the multiple dimensions.

Humans were to be a living library that connected the entire universe by storing and recording – along with the bands of frequency – all that is and has been on earth.

Humans are to be GOD.

The human genome and DNA was 12 strands and it is not all in your physical body.

You have multiple layers of self. The 12 strands of DNA connect you to the 12 star gates or dimensions. Your brain has 12 dimensions. Your DNA runs through the etheric realm.

String theory is your DNA. You are to be connected by this DNA string to the higher realms.

You are using 2 strands of DNA which traps you in a 3D reality. You are using less then 10% of your brain which traps you in box.

Do you really think it’s normal to have a brain and only use 10%, do you really think it’s normal for 97% of DNA to be useless and junk?

The matrix was hijacked and manipulated.

Too much information equals too much gravity.

Gravity is the state of being a grave.

This resulted in consciousness being trapped in fixed form and fixed structure weighed down by too much information.

Nature is a shape shifter. You are too.

Humans – you are not human.

You are being human.

You come from the stars and the controllers that hijacked the matrix known as a satanic cult have you separated from all that is with a veil that resulted from unplugging your DNA, splitting your DNA, splitting the brain and making the third eye useless.

Your double stranded DNA is to be one strand made of 12 layers.

The double strand was made to use one strand to attach you to this matrix with an artificial atom that is known as “made in the image of god”

This artificial atom has an IP address that is unique to you.

The other strand of DNA is still connected to the higher realms. It’s just inactive.

You literally believe there is nothing else but earth. You think you are born and that you die.

You are not born – you do not die.

You do not come from Earth.

There is more on the other side of the veil then there is here.

UFOs do not exist.

There is no such thing as an

Unidentified flying object.

It is identified as a flying object.

You don’t remember who you are, where you are from, how you got here and where you go.

Evolution is a lie.

Humans were created.

The blue rays are back and we are plugging your DNA back in.

This Matrix is done. The experiment failed due to nefarious beings manipulating PI or the Space time equation to keep earth quarantined outside of space.

You are not in Space. You are not on the space time continuum.

Earth doesn’t move and the solar system model you were taught is a lie.

The wave particle duality is not real.

The wave and particle are not separate.

It’s the artificial atom that is separate.

The matrix is a linear time illusion.

Exit time and you will be disconnected from the simulation.

Treason was committed against GOD.

You have to have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.