Tachyon Light Codes- Ria Aurora Athena Ash’Tar’Ke’Ree 10/7/19

Full Galactic update coming soon :

Global Meditation ( Planetary Merkaba ) needed on the 10:10

The planet and her inhabitants are about to receive extreme amount of intense and powerful .. Tachyon Light particles ( Light code’s ) divine quantum fields of imaginary mass, from the Tachyonic field … operating in a triple helix 🧬

out of our Galactic Centre ….

One would call this ( Christlight ) …

These waves of light codes will trickle down into the planets Quantum Merkaba , starting on the 10/10…. There will be huge shifts at the heart level as these incoming waves of light and frequency codes activate waves of awakening in the coming months.

Pushing the momentum for moving into position 4Ding around the winter solstice…. moving into 2020

So it is crucial all light workers and light warriors…. Join in unison for a meditation 💕

10:10 Meditation Planetary Merkaba healing ….

“ So centre in your hearts and see/hold the intention of all our own merkabas spinning with pure Ascension Light, filling with the Light/light codes flowing through the 10-10 Gate…then connecting heart to heart with Gaia, envision/feel the planetary merkaba, and that all our merkabas are spinnign in perfect harmony/unison with the planetary merkaba, and radiating all this Divine LoveLight, these beautiful Ascension Codes of Love and Grace and Upliftment throughout the planetary merkaba….see/feel its light brimming, pure and all distortions dissolving into that pure light…..

‘ Remember when this happens there could be in the collective …

a confusing feeling ‘ For example:

heart palpitations’ “short of breath “one would say a slight panic attack … equilibrium a slight off…

Feeling off kilter …Emotional triggering….

however remember it is the powerful codes coming in … So embrace it , into your heart space and centre into your Meridian.. .

Clear your emotional fields to Embrace this light as it is activating the remaining DNA /RNA strands of full consciousness …. Vibrationally we will be moving into …. Three-quarter spirit …&. 1/4 matter … Equates to golden Consciousness

So Happy 10:10 gateway portal opening of the heart ❣

Ria Aurora Athena Ash’Tar’Ke’ree 💕🙏🏽❤️💕