Ascension Portal is About To Open via Linda Li 10/10/19

Divine Mother says the ascension portal is about to open

October 10th, 2019

Linda Li

Dear children on earth, I am your Mother God. The current energies on the planet are very uniquely designed. Your Father God, the Christ has designed the energies in a way that the energies can promote the great awakenings, the planet wide awakenings and the mass ascension. Your Father has been working on this great awakening since the inception of the planet. He wants this planet to be unique so that we can send our most loved ones here to experiment human life. There are zillions of galaxies out there. But your Father chose the planet earth simply because this planet was uniquely designed for the purpose of training you, my angels and Divine beings. This tiny planet has all the requirements for soul growth and Gaia has all the energetic behaviors that are suited for you, the energetic beings. That is why this planet has been such an amazing playground for the Divine angels and humanity alike.

However, at end of the day, your Father and I are happy that this grand experiment has come to an end. Our angels are coming home and ascending to their original blueprints. What a beautiful journey it is. I am proud of how perfectly all have turned out and how well your Father’s plan has worked out.

I love you dear ones. I am your Divine Mother. In the time to come, more of the angels will ascend. Their Divine timing has come. The Divine has prepared this moment for my angels, and now is the time. Some of my angels are totally ready and waiting for the Divine invitations. Others are being prepared for the upcoming opportunity to ascend. Overall, I have so many of my beloved angels ready for the upcoming portal and ascension opportunity. It is indeed very encouraging. Your Father and I literally cannot wait to welcome you home dear ones and your ascension journey is just such an amazing experience. I am indeed thrilled and happy to watch my beautiful children ascending, one by one, hundreds by hundreds, and now millions by millions coming home to me. Being the Mother of the planet and human race, I am overjoyed and I am grateful for all that your Father has done. He is such a doting Father and he is just so amazing.

I love you dear ones. We are Getting ready for another ascension opportunity. The next portal is about to open. For The ones who have not ascended, this is your chance. Come home to me dear ones. You are ready. You have what it takes to ascend. Make the leap and ascend. Know you are totally guided and protected. No fear needed. Just remember the love in your heart, and come home to love. You are loved deeply by your Father and I, and it is time for you to come back to your Divine Mother’s Heart. I love you. I am your Mother God. Go in peace dear angels. I love you all. So it is.