Prayer For Self Love & Ascension- Pars Kutay 10/11/19

What activates the “I AM Presence” is the choices we make. When we use our power and our desires to make a choice clear and simple, the “I AM” is involved.

When there are no doubts, fears or hesitation about that choice, no issues arise to obstruct the choice being brought forth and we have a completely clear energy.

When we choose in total clarity, and there is no separation present, the “I AM” is activated and completely free to express.

~ 💜 ~


From the Lord God of my Being, I AM That I AM, I decree:

I have Love for my journey into my Ascension.

I have Compassion for all physical and emotional pain I still need to Heal.

I give thanks that I am now healing the past and resurrecting the New.

As a Master of Divine expression, walking the Earth, I now turn on the Light on my Divinity.

I now activate and transform my DNA to its Fifth Dimensional potential.

I now choose to completely Heal and Rejuvenate my physical body.

I choose to remain Happy, Harmonious and Grateful.

I claim the Mastery that is mine to manifest my freedom.

I allow my Divinity to manifest in a most wondrous way.

I give thanks that it is done according to God’s Holy Will!

I call for shafts of Ascension Light to Blaze through me daily and hourly.

And so be it,

Beloved I AM That, I AM

(Repeat 3 times out loud with pure intent and strength)

(From The Seven Sacred Flames By Aurelia)

~ 💜 ~