Celia Fenn October 13, 2019

Full Moon in Aries. I saw it setting this morning over the ocean and it was very beautiful!
But it is a Fire moon and therefore very volatile and electrical, another charge to add to the 10/10 energies.
Many people are reporting high degrees of anxiety and inability to sleep. Yes, the Full Moon has a tendency to amplify the energies that are already there, and there is no doubt that is a stressful time on the Planet, and depending on where you are and how sensitive you are, you will be feeling it.

The energy will subside a little after today as we head towards Sun in Scorpio, but will rise again as we head towards the 11/11 Gateway on the 11th November.

This is not a time to extend yourself. Rather take a step back and rest and care for your physical needs for a few days. Remember to keep hydrated with lots of water, and magnesium citrate helps if you are having muscle spasms or joint pains.

In meditation, focus into the Heart center and be clear and what you want to create in the New Earth.

Let us come together to lift the anxiety and replace it with Love, Peace and Creativity. Visualize what you want to create and FEEL it in your Heart and Soul.

Give thanks, for it is already here and you are waiting simply to receive it.

Have a peaceful Sunday everyone.