Energy Update Linda Li, October 13, 2019

The current energies are perfectly balanced in terms of the mix of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. The Divine has been bringing in both of the energies to the planet, so that now we see these energies balancing each other out and doing the perfect balancing dance.

The Divine Feminine has been under development for a long time on the planet. Only recently has the Feminine energy finally been recognized and brought up to par with the Divine Masculine. Now they are equal and that is the outcome of our Divine Feminine team’s hard work.

It has been quite a while since the Divine started the journey to the planet. The Divine Feminine came at a time when Gaia was at her lowest point. I had to come because what I saw at that moment was literally scary. I saw my daughter Gaia was being slaughtered and near death. I saw the planet was ruined. I saw humanity was as low as it could be. It was a scene no one had anticipated and that was why your Father God, the Christ asked me to come, to accompany him in this journey to save Gaia and the planet.

And Here we are, we came and years later, Gaia has ascended, and so has the planet. And now humanity is catching up and from what I can see, humanity’s Ascension is going to be quick and that is something your Father God has not imagined. But nevertheless, here we are, on this great ascension journey, your Father and I, and we have greatly appreciated all the results we see now. We are indeed happy for the process which is amazingly smooth. We are indeed feeling relieved to see the great results.

I love you dear heart. I am your Mother God. I am here on the planet, with you all. I am here so that your Father and I can monitor Gaia’s ascension process, to make sure things are going well. I am here because all my angels who have incarnated, need my guidance home and I am here so that I can make sure that my angels ascend nicely and safely. Being the Mother of the planet and human race, I always have this great desire to see my angels experiencing human life nicely and come home safely. This planet is not an easy place for my angels. Sometimes, my angels get lost and their journey becomes a tragedy, and that always reminds me of how tough the journey to planet earth can be. And that is why your Father and I take turns to come to the planet just for the sake of keeping an eye on my angels. Your Father God has been incarnating on the planet since day one. He has been to every part of the planet, incarnated into every group of the human race. He knows how humans work and how different groups work. He has incarnated into all possible human roles and he has the human psyche nailed down. He is just such a devoted Father and his devotion to the planet and his offspring are quite admirable. He has unending love and devotion to his children on earth. And that is the main reason why the planet has been cared for and the human race has developed so fast. He has been bringing all sorts of technologies to the planet to promote human intelligence and human evolution. He is on frontier in terms of making this planet the most challenging one for soul growth. He has developed different types of spiritual tools for humanity to advance spiritually. And he himself has been coming and choosing all sorts of pioneering roles to play. He is the spiritual leader for all religions on the planet, and he has accomplished so many different paths for the human race. Now, all of his inventions have been activated for this ascension process, and again, he has been bringing in new fresh teachings to the planet for this particular time. His teachings will be the vital source for this ascension process, and his new teachings will be amazingly effective for the upcoming decades to come. He has been on the frontier in the past, and now again, he is going to play a significant role in the upcoming time.

Your Father God has incarnated. He has been on the throne for some time now. Energetically, he is the leader of this particular time. He is the one who is leading this ascension effort and bringing humanity home. In the upcoming time, your Father God’s incarnation is going to be brought to the leadership role in your reality. He has the Divine blessings. He is the one who has the throne and the Divine has given him total authority of the planet and humanity for this particular ascension process. He is going to take up the challenge and lead the planet and human race home. He is currently being prepared for the role and in the upcoming time, when he Will be introduced to the public and humanity. He has been trained for this lifetime and now he is ready. He has all that is needed for this ascension journey. And what I have seen is that he is totally ready, and he indeed has all that the time calls for. He is indeed a great hero and he is what the planet and human race need right now.

I love you dear ones. I am your Mother God. Go in peace dear ones. So it is.

Linda Li