Prepare for Galactic Disclosure 2020 – via New Dimension – 10-14-19

Higher Density Blog


This is an actual photograph taken by the people of Costa Rica as the Galactics just recently showed up to gently let people know that they are present and are just cloaked. This is a medium sized mothership and there are thousands more like this that are even bigger in size.

They have chosen to appear in South America as they know that the airspace in South America is not as busy compared to that of East Asia or North America.

Next year (2020) will be a very exciting year for the whole world. The Prime Creator has already given theGOsignal for the Galactic Federation of Light to start appearing in the skies of the world in large numbers. They are now allowed to openly interact with the people of the world. Yes, it is called the Galactic Disclosure. They will no longer wait for the…

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