Channeled Message: The Galactic Federation Of Light – Jamie J Galactic Seer 7/16/19

Channeled message: The Galactic Federation Of Light

We have many messages to bring to you today, this is a great time to release all that is keeping you from reaching your highest potential. You can let go now, knowing that you are no longer stuck in a world that was based on materialistic things. NO longer stuck in a world of chaos, and authority that had no right to be in power.

You and all of humanity have made it passed the threshold, you have all made it passed the rainbow bridge over into another dimension! Some know this already, those that do not know feel something is different. All that have not been awake are finally awakened. Those that just awaekened are feeling this through physical symptoms, and emotional purges. This is good, your missions have been manifested for all of humanity feel the shift has been made. The shift and many other shifts are being done…you all are finally free!! Finally free to be here on your planet with out limits, with out restrictions, with Magic within you that has been released . Ths magic within humanity has been diverted from those that have for so long on this planet tried to take it and used it for selfish reasons to get what they wanted for power. Not anymore, this no longer can happen as we have guided and helped all of you succeed in breaking and dismantling the Matrix you know as the 3d world.

You all hold the keys, the keys to the golden rule as we are all One!! You are is, we are you, we are ONE!! There is no division!

Some would call this a realization, we call it TRUTH, it has always been this way, the saying of the truth will set you free, Yes your truth is you are all Galactic Beings from other planets, some are not known to you yet, but you feel different, unique, this is Why!!

Your DNA is accelerating, changing all the time. Do not worry about the Xtra weight as many of you are. Your true forms are taking shape. Your light is shining through, soon this weight will be lifted from all of you lightworkers, sand starseeds. The weight is there for your protection , and once you have integrated more of the codes coming through, and integrate your Galactic DNA, it will come off as if you never carried the weight in the 1st place.

Many of you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms, Male and female alike. This is a rebirth of your DNA. Of your new world, of your creative ideas, your manifestations are coming through you as a sign of birthing. Know that this is normal. Know that you are all going through this as more awakened ones wake up to this new realm.

Do not be hard on yourselves, as you and many others were the reason this Phenomena happened! The holding space of love for others helped to make this possible, to make this a priority, this needed to happen to save your planet, and save yourselves.

We heard you, we aided in your calling! We protect as you protect, again, we are you, you are us, we are ONE!

We leave you with one last thing :

Do take Care of yourselves!

Self care is Custom now!

Self care is prevalent and priority.

Self care is Self Love,

As you love yourselves, you send out love to others equally!!

We thank you for allowing us to give you this message.

We thank you for all you have done!

We are the Galactic Federation Of Light

After I channeled this , I saw Ashtar Command, and one of each:

Dragon, Lyran, Pleadian, Arcturian, Fish being, Seahorse, Blue Avian, Andromdean, Sirian…

I heard the council of 12, this is what I was shown and told.

Energy Update- Eric Raines 7/15/19

Energy Update 7/15/19

Extreme shifts in the astral levels of Earth are reflecting in the physical with massive planetary shifts, releases/expansions in the collective consciousness and incredible growth/progression towards Earthbound liberation.

As we begin to move into another 6 planet retrograde, much of what normally feels like an uphill struggle or a heightening of intense sensations is beginning to do what it is designed to in earnest. Flush dense energy up to the surface for clearing.

Unlike many of these extreme retrogrades experienced in the past, this specific gateway has the privilege of being the first of its kind in our planetary ascension timeline.

What is happening right now, along with unprecedented movement behind the scenes of the socio-political world, the economic arenas and technological disclosures, is a release/transmutation of a sizable percentage of some of the darkest souls/consciousnesses on our planet.

These individuals with and without bodies are responsible for the forward progression of control systems, consciousness hijacking programs and worldwide black magic networks that have been hampering humanity with an energetic density that keeps the Earth locked in a downward spiral, unable to move upwards into more “liquid” realms, much easier to navigate through.

What this adds up to is a recipe for a planet wide expansion of monumental proportions. Instead of having hard, frozen chunks of dense, traumatic, negative energy trying to be forced up to the surface for clearing, much of this has now been transmuted into a dense “liquid”. Much easier to shift that “stone” or “metal”.

As we build up energy towards the Lion’s Gate portal of 8/8/19, these energies are going to be unprecedentedly effective in clearing out not only patterns you no longer wish to perpetuate in your life, but planet wide patterns of racial, genealogical and ancestral trauma cycles.

This is going to be the major catalyst of worldwide Dark Night of the Soul energies as many begin to feel the pressure release as these dense energies are being cleared.

We have one of the most important jobs that we incarnated here for ahead of us. It is time to connect the light fields.

So much has been primed for planetary activation, but without the energy and the light to fuel this transition, there has never been enough momentum to finally shift the cycle into natural evolution.

We can do this now. Share this in all of your lightworker groups, with your energetically sensitive friends and anywhere you can to spread this as far and as fast as possible. It does not take many of us, but it does take thousands.

Not only is this possible, we can easily expand far beyond those numbers to the point of seeing rapid, real world shifts as we focus on creating a reflection of our future space right *NOW*

With this technique, we can begin to take the etheric polarity of our existence and *SHIFT* it into the future timeline of our choosing with minimal resistance.

Read more here…………………………

The Solstice & Eclipse Gateway – Ramona Lappin


..has served as a strong Purification and Initiation window. I spent two weeks in a LOT of physical pain including a two week long ongoing migraine and tooth infection, followed by last week where I was just beyond the beyond tired along with mental and emotional releases. I had a couple of days where I couldn’t get up without feeling extremely dizzy. It’s been a drag to say the least. My 6 year old daughter is on school holidays so I dragged myself out a couple of days but it was truly challenging. All I could do was allow it to happen and not beat myself up for not being more active, loving myself through it all. She was also affected by these energies as a highly sensitive child and didn’t want to go out into the public herself. We know and remember that all ultimately serves us even physical pain as we move from carbon based beings to crystalline. Everything changes and change sometimes hurts.

Eclipse windows serve as a wormhole, a timeline shift window and a RESET. It has given us the opportunity to release a few truck loads of density in a very short window of linear time. Yet the intensity has driven us to the edges of our personal cliffs. We ended up going very deep within questioning everything. We remember it gets worst/ hardest/ dakest before the big breakthrough so this one is a big one. There was also a lot of mental fog and interferance that required clearing. That’s why personal energetic work such as energetic clearing and working with our DNA as well as energetic protection on a daily basis is soooo important during these times of great shifts and deep collective clearings. Doing this before we start our day makes all the difference in how the rest of the day unfolds. And if it’s extra heavy energy we spend some extra time with our energetic housekeeping or take more breaks throughout the day to reset our energy. It really makes all the difference!

We have been very busy in the astral so remember that whilst we sleep and rest we are actually working! We have also been busy releasing layers of negative thought patterns, programming, templating, conditioning and imprints from eons of time. The immensity of what has been released over the past few weeks and months alone is HUGE! This enables us now to quatum jump into a higher Ascension Timeline. I can truly feel and KNOW how the interferances have been removed to a sufficient level for us now to move forward freely and things we have been trying to manifest for some time to finally come to fruition. Peace agreements with the NAA have been finalized and all who did not sign/ agreed have/ are being removed to high security holding stations until their fate is being decided. No more delays.

We have been receiving huge downloads, DNA and Lightbody UPgrades along with these deep clearings. It’s like clearing out your house whilst moving in new furniture all at the same time. We’ve gone super quantum. A lot of old ancestral-and bloodline clearing has been ongoing. Sometimes we get a glimpse into what Timelines we are clearing, unifying and merging in this now but being fully aware of all of it would be too traumatic. When I get an insight into what is going on I understand the reasons for us not being fully aware of it all as it can also cause us reliving old traumas, which isn’t always necessary in order to heal. Having said that, last life regression can be very beneficial.

One thing is for sure, we’re ending a HUGE cycle of rather several as we’re also nearing the new galactic year of the Mayan calendar and Lions gate on 8.8. so a lot of karma from many incarnations has been clearing at personal and collective level. Past, present and future are truly merging in this now. We keep that which has worked and proven beneficial and discard all the old outdated ways of being, thinking, acting, believing and feeling. The true us emerges as a result. It is important to remember that we are not those old thoughts, feelings, bahaviors and beliefs, they were like clothes we tried on for a while because they’ve been given to us. Now we have figured out what our true taste is, what fits us and what doesn’t, which colors we prefer and go and chose the most authentic, colorful outfits that reflect who we truly are at soul level. All symbolically speaking. Just remember this when the old sticks out it’s head, just give it love, tell it to leave and give it no more attention than necessary. We make adjustments and give it all love so it may release once and for all. We forgive ourselves and all others that have been wronged along the way. We find true inner peace that is always available deep within no matter what the circumstances, once we have cultivated this.

Many of us that have already done their work will find a resolution and end to their karmic stories playing out, which is also in progress collectively, it’s like a collective roll out. We prepare the Energies which then roll out to the collective, it’s part of our job. We create new templates that then become available to others through the shared Collective field of Consciousness. Think 100 monkey effect.

As part of the Purification of Timelines and karmic density we have been given the opportunity to face our personal and collective shadows at a new deeper level. As we have to truly face our lower nature, acknowledge and integrate it so we can learn the lessons. So that the next time the same lessons come along we can finally make different choices as we have learned what is not beneficial. Lessons will keep coming around until we have fully understood the reasons for them and make the necessary adjustments. Otherwise we will have the familiar looping scenarios and we don’t need them anymore. It’s also important to understand that many of us have been targets (especially energetically) for those of negative agenda and overall as a collective have been heavily mindcontrolled and manipulated for eons, so the inorganic Timelines that have played out along with the very real struggle for survival has also been a result of manipulation. It’s not just all our own fault as such yet we get to claim our soveregnity, power and abilities again that enable us to break out of the false matrix to become consciouss co-creators again. Now is our time to truly break out of these old structures which are dissolving along with the veils at a very rapid rate. As we do this for ourselves we create new templates of being for everyone. The old structures falling apart affect everyone. That’s why it is so important to focus on what we are doing and not what others are you to. We influence ALL by being that example we wish to see more of in the world.

As these Eclipses have been in the North Node in Cancer (Solar Eclipse) which is the sign for the Mother Energies of the Zodiac, and the Lunar Eclipse is in Capricorn which symbolises the Father Energies, this Gateway has served in bringing more balance to these polarities. A lot of distorted programming has been released from both energetics to create more balance of our masculine and feminine energies within and without. A lot of shadow work has to take place for this to happen. Thank you to everyone facing theirs fully and authentically and no holding back even when it gets ugly and painful. It’s important we drop all attachment to identifying with our old personalities we used to try out so we can let the pure Divine Us arise. In truth we become empty and are filled with our true source self, free of our old stories that used to play on repeat. We are eclipsing old outdated behaviors for the New Divine HUman to arise like a Phoenix from the ashes. We surely have been feeling the burning of the old and are so worthy and ready to being born aNEW along with New Earth!! We are birthing New Earth through birthing our true authentic soul self!! Also this is not just affecting Earth but the whole Cosmos. Everything and everyone is interlinked and as we lift up, all of life is lifted up with us! That’s what is meant by ‘As within, so without. As the Universe so the soul.’

The immense UPgrades that have been occuring to our upper transmitter channels especially crown and third eye chakras along with throat and heart as well as a lot of lower chakra clearing, has kept us on our ascending toes. I have felt this huge amount of density and distortions in the field which I have been busy shifting and clearing collectively, along with many others doing this work. That’s really all I have been doing these past few weeks and although it’s not very tangible at times, I know there is no more sacred work than this! It’s been super heavy lifting as a LOT of Collective density and distorted frequencies cleared and it had to be done before this partial lunar eclipse. I know one of my main roles so far has been Collective Karmic Clearing. Good news is, new roles/ assignments will be coming online for many for us now over the coming qeeks so make a consciouss wish of how you would like to serve going forward. I for one am done with the heavy shifting and lifting part, as I know others are too, as I know Collectively we are at that important tipping point. There will be others taking over some of my work and that of others. Time for a promotion!

So as for the heavy collective clearings, without anything happening in my life I can feel a huge amount of all sorts of emotions that run through me to be transmuted. I’m not kidding when I say it’s hair rendering at times and can go very, very deep, just because as a highly sensitive empath I feel very deeply especially the collective pain. Let’s say there’s a big clearing of victim consciousness/ energy collectively I will have this come up for me energetically, sometimes of course it can also be connected to something in my life, to be transmuted back to love and purity. I know it’s part of my cellular imprinting or I couldn’t clear it. In doing this I also prepare the Collective field for the incoming Energies. So the more I am able to balance and transmute the incoming waves the easier it gets for all. This doesn’t mean that when we cry or scream or are angry or depressed that we can’t feel this. Oh no. Feeling and RELEASING this is crucial for transmutation otherwise something remains under the surface. We are here to purge it and let it arise but then alchemise it all. Yet whilst I feel it all deeply I am also able to remain the Observer and don’t believe the stories coming up for clearing, I don’t suffer along with the emotions. I can feel them yet I don’t descent into depths of despair. I honor them and listen to them as they wish to be heard and deserve to be heard. It’s a fine line we are all asked to walk when dealing with difficult energies arising. Every wound/ trauma needs a voice and needs to be acknowledged so all can be truly released. Once arisen and given love and acknowledged, we can release all these stories as they were only there to teach us what we came here to learn. Stories of low self worth, no hope, no belief in oneself, of blame, of shame and so many more. We just observe them knowing they are like an old movie, all made up, distortions and not the truth. We replace them with new mantras of hope, love and belief in ourselves and the future of HUmanity. We remember that our thoughts, words, feelings, actions and beliefs create our REALities and that we are now finally free to create without constant interferance and manipulation.

Last Thursday and Friday for example I felt huge waves of depression, loss and seperation energies, really intense, then I could observe others were going through it over the weekend, others again are yet to experience this at some stage but not as intense. I felt a huge positive upshift starting Saturday, FINALLY. Please remember we all have different roles and assignments and just because you’re going through more clearings than others doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong, something is wrong with you or that you have done so many horrible things in other incarnations. Also we often just experience these at different times. It just means you feel deeply and have been assigned to transmute a LOT. I’m just sharing this as at some point on Friday I was also wondering if there was something wrong with me because I had been feeling sooooo dizzy and heavy for many days and that even started me on questioning if this was only Ascension related and I’m doing this for years so I’m well used to the drill. A friend of mine also told me about super extra intense clearings and symptoms looking for reassurance that she wasn’t the only one, so we reassured each other by sharing what was going on for each of us which is exactly the point! We often feel we’re alone in this but we really aren’t.

Some of the ascension symptoms experienced lately have been nausea, dizziness, migraines, ear buzzing/ pain/ pressure, teeth/ jaw pain, appetite all over the place, exhaustion/ intense tiredness, physically feeling very heavy, body aches and pains, blurry vision, mind fog, forgetfulness, feeling ungrounded, on the other side bliss, expanded states of consciousness, feelings of ONEness, increase in psychic awareness.. The list goes on. We are required to take a lot of me time, do lots of self nurturing, going within time, rest and sleep when guided, drink extra water and time in nature assist, greens/ live filled foods, salt baths, essential oils, yoga, walks, relaxing music, binaural beats, Meditation, body work/ treatments, energy healing etc. It all supports!

So who else is ready for all the things they have worked so hard and long for, to finally become a reality?! I caaaaan’t heeeeeear youuuuu??!!!! 😉😎😇

Let’s do this! The field today looked extremely sparkly, full of crystalline rainbow colours permeating Gaia and all of life here. Time to glow, sparkle and shine and show everyone how this is done! Imagine hearts and minds everywhere wide open 💖

Join us for Meditation at the time of the Partical Eclipse going full, Tuesday 16th of July at 10:30pm UK/ Irish time, 2:30pm PDT. Calling forth eternal peace, love, freedom, balance, harmony, joy, limitlessness, infinite abundance and the New Earth Ascension Timelines for willing hearts!

Some more information here if you prefer more guidance on how to join:


Infinite Love, Miracles and Blessings,

Ramona 💖



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Intel Update July 11 2019


THE RED PILL 2016 (Earth Alliance)

Posted By: Mr. Ed

Date: Thursday, 11July 2019 04:21:08

Wakeup & Ascend アセンションの道

Posted July 9, 2019 by TheRedPill2016

Dr Sam mugzzi

1. George says, the Prime Ministers for earth, are here and in position.

2. The great event happened last weekend.

3. The frequency changed on this planet and we went bump into a new timeline. (the dark ones cannot go forward on this path we are on now!)

7. The earthquakes were about getting rid of the “operation paperclip” hidden military underground bases.

The one at Ridgecrest was 5 miles down and where they made the bioweapons and laser plasma weapons. There was a portal there to the moon.

8. The underground base on China Lake housed stolen children where they lived in cages and were mind controlled.

9. The Universals are on planet. They are observing the take down of the evil ones.

10. The evil ones will be destroyed. No one walks. They will disappear and stop breathing.

11. The new technologies are ready to be released.

12. The cure for all diseases is set to be released in the very near future. The Cancer Act of 1939 has been overturned.

13. The internet has been taken back by the white hats.

14. The banks have been taken back by the white hats.

15. The monetary system is being controlled by the white hats.

16. The planet is going to a “clean up” phase. The new technology for cleaning all lakes, oceans and air is underway.

17. Reforestation is taking place now.

18. The 3D people are being side stepped. They are getting angry. These are the humans.

19. Q is now referencing the 5D.

20. George wants the Republic set by September 15th.

21. The paperwork for the Republic has been signed and put into motion.

22. The Galactics are ready to enter our paradigm. They are showing themselves. Watch the sky.

23. The deep state will lose all monetary bank accounts, watch what happens to Clinton Foundation.

24. All deep state players are revealing themselves.

25. The divide between good and evil is now easy to see.

26. We are set to go!

27. Schumann frequency is showing the event and higher gamma rays that are now seeping into our existence.



Courtesy of Barbara Nyhart Sheehan


The Emotional Preparation for the Event. July 3, 2019

How to deal with your own reaction and the reaction of others to the emotional shock of the Event. The key is to become self-aware and develop an Emotional Consciousness.

This update will bring some theory and some practice that can help you to have faster results because in this way we unite the two parts of our mind to act as one and learn to access the knowledge that already exists within us. Awakening our Super SELF.

Dear ones, we are living in a time of change, and although the evidence may not yet be fully visible on a physical level, things are well advanced behind the scenes and the process is accelerating more and more. As more people connect to their true purposes in this reality, more people anchor more light in Gaia and more closer we are to live something extraordinary in the history of our planet and in our own existence as eternal consciences. For each one of you is a magnificent extension of the source. We are already beginning to experience fragments of the 5th dimension and must shape our lives to be resonant with this new age.

The reason I am writing this message to you at this key point of the planetary transition is to bring light to the knowledge that can accelerate, and make easier, the whole individual and collective process of preparation for the event and for ascension. Just as I received the help of the masters to perform my own healing and the healing of other people. I am guided by them to share with you some ways to prepare for what will come in a very brief future, as well as for what is already happening. Regardless of the external changes that we are waiting for, we must begin our internal change right away. And understanding who we are can help us to understand the others.

At this time there are many people that are not awake, others awakening, lightworkers, and star seeds, embodied in physical bodies. Everyone undergoing updates in the DNA, receiving light packets and activations. They are also going through the transmutation process of past energies, receiving the powerful light waves of the Great Galactic Central Sun, whether or not being are aware of it. And this whole process can be very challenging. Because we are confronted with our “dark” side which manifests as difficulties in all facets of our 3D reality experience and a certain temporary emotional imbalance can occur. For example, in close relationships, family or marital and also in the form of traumas of the past, which we thought were solved. Now they reappear like ghosts to haunt us. These are waste of old energies that we need to cleanse from our psyche so that we are in higher vibrations and can reach our maximum potential.

We also perceive that the more we seek the elevation of our consciousness, the more we feel the effects on our physical body, it is a kind of “catharsis” as a result of interconnection between our emotional-mental-physical fields. In fact when we speak at any level of our being we can not separate one of our “bodies” from another (we have several), because what affects us at any level, from the densest to the most subtle is all interconnected. Therefore, by working on healing at any level you will be working simultaneously on your other bodies.

You need to understand that above all on any level, any plane, any planet or star, in any time space or reality, we all have the same primary purpose regardless of who we are. The primary purpose is continuous evolution. That can be translated into a basic mission of all existing beings, which is to produce WELL-BEING. No matter what anyone may have made you believe, your basic mission is and always will be to feel good. This is your point of electromagnetic attraction, in this case, there is no excess, that is, the more the better. And when I talk about feeling good, I’m not speaking in superficial terms. It is the art of being able to raise your vibration through the emotion you are experiencing. This is truly bringing awareness of your existence. It is what differentiates the evolution of all of us, the ability to control your reaction to external situations that trigger certain “triggers” in our mind. Much publicized nowadays as “emotional intelligence,” but it is much deeper than that. If you begin to practice this certain control now and keep the conscious awareness that no matter what happens, no matter what others do or say you will only accept what is true for you and that will do well for you and for you. The world will see how much difference it will make in your own life.

The only control we have is really about ourselves, we can not control the others, but we can control how we react to what others do. My brothers and sisters note that most of the problems created by our society in all ages are linked to the need of many to control what others do, to make them feel better, to feel in control. Thus begins the wars, the separations of couples, disagreements between brothers, between parents and children, and so on. This discord is sown, and it is at this point that we lose the battle for the dark, which we are easily manipulated. We get into such a low vibration that we become susceptible to all kinds of energy harassment and negative influence in our lives. For it is this kind of energy that they feed and strengthen.

The truths that are beginning to be revealed and especially that will be revealed at the apex of the Event, can and should shock a great mass of people, who will be without “ground”. For your whole belief system will collapse. Reactions to emotional shock may be the most diverse, depending on the individual’s state of consciousness. The mind will need some time to process and understand what is happening. Strong emotional reactions usually release a lot of energy in the physical body and a biochemical cocktail. They may bring some symptoms like low immunity and flu in milder cases. The individual can become introspective, go through an existential crisis, depression or react aggressively for self-defense in the most extreme cases. It can develop some temporary psychological disorders like bipolarity or Obsessive Disorder. The individual can be speechless or lose another meaning for a while, or even get into “total shock.” Unfortunately, many will go through a deep “psychological” pain as if their soul were in pieces, they will need a lot of help. New traumas can develop when someone is under a strong emotional influence but is at this point that change can happen in the mental settings of any person. So then only positive affirmations should be spoken to that person, for his unconscious will be fully open. This is the principle of Clinical Hypnosis, a tool that works. You who have children are daily programming your children’s minds with what you say to them.

We choose to work on the emotional level because the bonding of emotions is intimately projected into physicality almost instantaneously. We truly feel in the “skin” all the emotion we are experiencing. This occurs through a biochemical process that causes our emotion to trigger certain glands that emit neurotransmitter signals. Which in turn, make the production of specific hormones to be released into the bloodstream. So our emotions are the key to our self-mastery and healing. For all without exception, even the most evolved are here to heal some facet of their consciousness that still needs light. And the light in this case, as well as unconditional love, can be translated by the knowledge of the truth, which frees us totally as our teacher wisely taught us. We are here to help you learn consciously to modulate your energy through your emotions.

We need to understand that we have to heal ourselves, that we must overcome our fears, our traumas, our limiting beliefs. And prepare ourselves to fulfill the divine mission to which we have been summoned. And that’s where we really get into what matters.

Modifying the Energy Field Quickly and Efficiently

Our vibration or our energy field is totally adjusted or misaligned proportionally to what we are feeling. What we are talking about here is described by countless books, innumerable scientific experiments, and was spoken by the great masters of all ages as the basis for any spiritual evolution. This knowledge, always distorted by the Cabal and their religions of mind control. Highly recognized theories such as the “emotional contagion” and the various quantum experiences of interaction between emotion and change of electric charges, changing the way the wave frequency is projected. They corroborate and bring something conclusive and that is available to all. So by joining now the best of science and true spirituality, we can arrive at a 5-dimensional consciousness (which is not a place, but a vibration) with the use of mental images.

There is a scale of consciousness that was developed by American professor and scientist David Hawkins, who helped us to better understand the emotions and how to navigate in our consciousness. He leaves the fantastic knowledge that only one person, who vibrates alone in the frequency of love (above 500 points) opens the door that has the power to influence and modulate the energy of almost one hundred thousand other people. This is a sample of the power we have.

So let’s go to the practical steps:

Step 1 – Identify on the scale above what emotion you are feeling. And basically describe yourself whether it is positive or negative. We can consider above 200 as positive.

Step 2 – Declare the intention to raise your vibration with an affirmative mental command.

Note that our thoughts or mental images are produced according to our vibration, if you are in a low vibration range, you will not have access to productive thoughts at that moment. You need to stop and climb the scale before you want to create something good, or just thinking positively will not be possible. It will have to rise gradually.

Step 3 – Choose a positive memory that makes you feel better right now, relive that memory. Activate in you this vibration, feel like it is now. Your body will produce substances corresponding to that sense of well-being of the past.

At certain times depending on the emotional state certain memories will not be accessible, so choose the memory easier at that moment that allows you to raise the vibration.

Step 4 – Create a safe place in the mind, it can be a nature, a house. It does not matter if it is real or not, a place where you feel peace and tranquility and that you can return whenever you need it.

Step 5 – Create a bridge to the future, make a mental projection of your future. How, where and with whom you want to be. Imagine you in 5 years with all your life transformed and all your dreams manifested. Access and feel this as real. Imagine the new land after THE EVENT.

Step 6 – Visualize yourself as a tree or an animal. Soak up on earth and experience this fantastic experience.

We have the ability to deprogram and reprogram our mind and all our paradigms in this way. Going to the past and the future as we please, recreating memories change them. Heal traumas and correct psychological problems. It’s all real, just believe and do it right. If you do not consider yourself being able to do so, you can look out for a therapist. But know that only you can create a new paradigm in your mind through your conscious choice.

These steps can change your point of attraction easily. With practice it will start to become very easy, you start to have more control over your own life and stop being influenced by the Matrix of Control. You are coming out of the Matrix and really awakening to the reality and to the truth that we are all connected. What you do to others returns to you, that is the law.

Victory of the Light!

~ Article written by Dante

Editor Note: This article was written by a volunteer. If you would like to share your own ideas or articles, please contact Ukeronthrough ukeron.white@gmail.comor